Weaving in Ends - Awkward Yarn

Hi everyone, it’s been ages since I’ve been here asking questions but any time in the past I’ve never been let down. Best knitters on the web by far!
Here’s a toughy though…

I’m knitting a jumper in super bulky [B]Sirdar Wow[/B] which is a polyester chenille yarn. To join a new ball of yarn, you cut an end and scrape the chenille fibres off the binder thread and knot. There’s no other way to do this because the chenille fibres just fall off the end if not knotted. I’ve been doing this all along with knots placed carefully along the selveges but now I’ve got the problem of what to do when the jumper is finished and it’s time when we’d normally weave in or knit in the ends. It can’t be done with this yarn and I’m in head scratching mode as to how to go about it. :??

Your genius is required! :notworthy:

Good to hear from you again, KnitKnot!
Are the ends going to be hidden in the seams? Could you then use a needle and thread to tack the binder thread down into the seam? Are the binder threads long enough to weave in on their own?

I’ve used a needle and thread with very slippery yarns that I wasn’t comfortable just weaving in.

It feels really good to be here again, thanks for the welcome back. I left off knitting for a bit and even considered selling my enormous stache. What a fool!:poke:
That said, the WOW is taking me ransom and I must defeat this foe with the help of old friends.
I think the problem is that there is nothing to grab hold of with the binder thread- it’s really thin, think of 2 lines of really thin sewing thread, and no matter where I trailed it thru the knitting or along the selveges, it would still need a knot in the end to hold the chenille in place. One wash without a knot and it would be in pieces. I could snake it through the edges with the chenille scraped off and tie it to the body of knitting at various places, but once on the neckline it becomes problematic. I don’t want knots and thread running through bits of fabric that lie against the neck.
As usual, Sirdar is minimalist with it’s pattern instructions and only tells you how to join a new ball, not how to deal with the loose ends - they leave those instructions as … loose ends for us to figure out! Grrrrrrr!

I’d go straight for fabric glue, as in, stuff the ends in the best you can and glue them. Aleene’s makes Flexible Stretchable that works well on other yarns. I bet it would tackle chenille too.

:hiding: Glue? Oh me, you are scaring me! I don’t think i have the guts for that… I also live in darkest Aberdeenshire Scotland and we are far away from any glue shops :rofl: called Aleen’s. I could see me getting well and truly glued into that jumper myself along with the ends and making a right old mess of things.
Glue…who’d have thought it?!
I think I am going to do the snakey thing and strip a long, long endy bit down to the binder threads, weave it through the sewing up stitches and end it all (not me, permanently) by knotting and tying on a selvedge as I have done with the joins. I think that will work best and I won’t worry about a knot coming undone as I have an old mariner in the house who will see me right.
Thanks for help here, sometimes just describing a problem gets you through to a solution.
All the best friends! :muah:

Not a glue shop, but they could be with all the different ones they have! Wal-Mart has their stuff in the US, dunno if they carry it over your way :slight_smile: It’s a thin, soft, but very durable glue that dries clear. I had trouble with the ends coming out on a Simply Soft shawl, had some handy and tried it, which is how I know it works.

Tying proper knots way off on the edges will do, I imagine, especially if you’ve got a sailor in the house. I grew up with one and woe would betide me if I ever tied a granny knot. Chenille is so soft and pretty, but it sure is a bear to work with.