Weave sts together?

This idea is new to me.

I am going to be making some diaper covers (soakers). My instructions have me working in rounds and at one point placing 12 sts on a stitch holder. At the end I have 12 sts on the needles and 12 sts on the holder. I am told to weave these sts together. Could you give me some instruction on how this is done?

Thanks so much!

You need to do Kitchner Stitch to weave live stitches together.

Thank you so much…

I almost feel dumb for asking that questions. My last question was about grafting… Now I have seen it as weaving and grafting, hopefully next time I’ll remember. Oh, well, I don’t feel to bad for having a baby 10 days ago, I suppose I am allowed a few dumb questions.

Congratulations on the baby!!! Between hormones and sleep disruption, you should send the soakers out for finishing!!!

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