Wearing wool in the summer? Question about cotton/bamboo yarn?

[SIZE=“1”]Is it sensible to wear wool in the summer? :ick:
[COLOR=“Navy”][ETA: sensible is probaly the wrong word to use here. wearing wool in the summer is surely NOT sensible, especially with california weather getting really hot!]
I don’t mean an actual sweater, unless you wear it when it’s a little chilly at night. I bought some Cascade 220 and was planning to knit a shrug or bolero (like the one skein wonder). Should I just buy a summery fiber (like cotton or maybe bamboo) and knit something else with the cascade?[/SIZE]

[COLOR=“Purple”][I]What other fibers are perfect for hot summer weather?[/I][/COLOR]

What’s a good cotton yarn? The only readily available cotton yarn I can get my hands on is Sugar and Cream and Lion Brand Cotton, and they seem more like yarns you would knit dishcloths with rather than for garments. Hmmm… now I’m thinking of frogging a tank I never actually got to finish. Well, I only ever did knit one side of it.

Has anyone tried Classic Elite Bam Boo? I bought some a few months back wanting to make this. It’s sooo pretty and shiny and soft I’m afraid to knit with it in case I mess it up! :pout:[/I]

i think it depends on the yarn… a thinner (like a fingering weight) probably wouldn’t be too hot. also, it’s probably person to you if you get hot easy or not. hth

“They” say wool is good for hot or cold weather because it wicks moisture away. But I live in Florida. There’s NO way I’m wearing wool when it’s 97 degrees outside with 70% humidity. It’s sometimes too much to even hold it, much less wear it.

But since I live in FL, I sometimes turn the AC down really cold so I can actually [I]wear[/I] a sweater I’ve knit.

In Virginia, I can’t imagine wearing wool in the summer. If I need a sweater, it will be a cotton one. Maybe it would be different in the mountains, though, especially at night.

I would use cotton, or a cotton blend as it will keep you cooler than wool. I have knitted summer tops with thin wool before and didn’t have much of a problem, but I think I prefer cotton now.


pointy_teeth, you could try Lion Brand Cotton Ease, as it’s a blend and is rather inexpensive. Or try one of the cotton yarns from Knitpicks, they are so economical!

My friend is knitting a very cool tank out of Bamboo and LOVES it. She’s in Texas, so I’m guessing it’s cool enough :lol:

I’m knitting a tank top out of Knit Picks Shine Sport right now, I think it will be pretty cool and comfortable. I couldn’t imagine wearing wool in the summer here, but it gets pretty humid. Maybe if it were a drier heat, it might be ok for a cover up kind of thing at night…I don’t really know.

Check out Knit Picks if you’re looking for inexpensive cotton yarn - they have a great selection, lots of colors, and they ship quickly.

o o o o, memememememe! i have a good answer!~

i just knit my niece the one skein wonder and i used knitpicks superwash wool in ballerina. i love it! it is super soft. i can’t believe wool is this soft! and it got even softer when i washed it in kookaburra wool wash before i blocked it. i was sort of ‘programmed’ to think wool was scratchy, based on my past experiences with store-bought sweaters. :frowning: i posted pics of the shrug in my blog: http://dakatzmeow.wordpress.com/

if you want cotton, hurry to knitpicks (try to use a link here so kp gets credit). they have crayon on clearance. it is 100% pima cotton and oooooooooooooooooooooh so very soft. i’m loving it. it’s $1.99 a ball!

i just got my shipment of crayon: buttermilk (for the plain vanilla pullover pattern), periwinkle and light blue.

sorry to gush, but i’m loving this stuff!

I’m currently knitting a pair of knucks with the Bam Boo. I love this yarn!
[SIZE=1]It splits easily, so you’ll have to knit with care.[/SIZE]

i had a similar experience with bamboo yarn. it was a little splitty, like you say.

Where I live (MS) , I would NOT wear wool in the summer, but in the winter, it gets cold enough to actually wear the sweaters I’ve knit.

Cotton, Bamboo, and any fingering-sport weight would be good for a summer knit.

:waah: I wish I could shop for more yarn, but alas! I’ve gone broke! I did order from KP last week. I promised myself I’ll be good and that would be my last purchase for at least a while. I wish I had ordered some cotton yarn, but I ended up ordering more wool, but in Bare. I want to try my hand at dyeing.

dakatzmeow and zip, thanks for the heads up on the bam boo splitty-ness!

dakatzmeow, I would soooo love to make the One Skein wonder! I’ve yet to buy it. Unfortunately, I have some bills to pay soon, so I’m waiting to see if I may have any extra money for that next month. I know, I know, it’s only $5, but what about all those yarns I’ve been buying the past few months? They really add up you know!

[I]For anyone who might be interested, I was at JoAnn’s today and they have this Firefly sale thing going on. Their knitting needles and crochet hooks are 40% off the regular price. Ahh, I broke my promise and bought clover bamboo circs in sizes I don’t have yet. That really was the last time. Promise![/I] :pout:

I made some socks out of bamboo yarn. They’re soft and comfy, but they don’t hold up too well in the wash, I’ve noticed.

you could try a bamboo ribbon type yarn (Sirdar have just started doing one) it isn’t as splitty and hard to work with as say plymouth bamboo. I really LOVE bamboo yarn - it drapes beautifully, wicks moisture away and isn’t as hard on the hands as cotton can be.