We made a cable needle

Life mate and I made cable needles, much like the ones below. And they rock. I’m going to try them out in a few minutes when he’s done.

Ours are in size 7, next is size 10.5. I might have him do a size 2, but I can’t think of what the heck I’d use it for…LOL!

Actually a two will come in handy for small projects so you don’t stretch out the stitches. Those look nice. At first when you said cable I was thinking circs and wanted to ask where the cable was. :rollseyes:

Ah, well the ones in the pic aren’t the ones we made, but they are kinda similar.

I tested the ones we made out, and the work pretty darn good. We came up with a different system to make the points wich is way more productive. I’ve got 4 now, and they are totally wicked.

Stay tuned for updates…