We have a name!


I picked a slip of paper out of the hat, opened it, and found:

Garden Trellis Scarf

This was submitted by carollovesyarn. Thanks, Carol! I will email you the pattern this morning.

Thanks for the submissions, everybody; they were all really, really good!

Keep your thinking caps on because another naming contest is coming soon…

You picked the wrong name :shock: !!! LOL, u were supposed to pick mine…LOL
Just kidding :smiley:
[color=orange][size=6]CONGRATULATIONS[/size][/color] :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Heh…that’s a cool name!

Thank you! I’m so glad I thought of that name at the last minute!

Now I have to get a ball of palette. I can’t wait to make this.
Well, maybe after the holidays…

Thanks again for the pattern :thumbsup: ,

Nice Pattern Yvonne! :inlove:

Now why didn’t I think of that :rollseyes:

Seriously, congrats! :cheering:

Thanks Amy!
What a nice compliment coming from someone I consider the Queen of Knitting~ :notworthy:

CONGRATS, CAROL!! :cheering:

Congratulations, Carol! Great name!!


:cheering: Congrats!! :balloons: