We Got A Hobby Lobby!

I had such a great day today. Our small-ish town finally got a Hobby Lobby, and today was the grand opening. My husband, who works for the radio station, was there to do a remote at that location, and I went with him. It’s a beautiful new store, and I was able to purchase some things with a $10 gift card that I was given, and a 40% off coupon that was sent in the mail. I also did some shopping at a shoe store, and Bath And Body Works, Also in that parking strip.
After my shopping spree, I came back to the Hobby Lobby, and took out my yarn and needles I’d just purchased, and cast on a scarf to kill time until my DH’s remote was over. The manager allowed me to sit in the foyer on a bench so I’d be out of the cold wind. While I was sitting there, knitting, I got to tell a couple of people about Knitting Help, and how I used the videos to learn how to knit.
Then we came home to a nice pot of bean soup that we’d started in the crock pot before leaving this morning, and just watched movies and TV, and just relaxed the rest of the evening. The perfect end to a perfect day. :slight_smile:

:woohoo: for you…L:heart: v that store. Don’t forget to go online and sign up for their weekly e-mails. Then you won’t ever miss their weekly coupon but you don’t have to remember to check the website every week to find out when it’s the 40%er.:happydance:

Watch out…HL shopping should have one of those “could be addicting” warnings;)

I love that store. And what is better dh can find things he wants too. But our store is 60 miles away so we only go once in a while so I have to make a list!!! :knitting: :knitting:

Hobby Lobby is definately addictive. Until now, the closest store was in Sherman, which is an hour away. Now, I can just go over there anytime…which is a good thing, because I need another skein of yarn to finish the scarf I started while I was there yesterday. :teehee:

Don’t leave home without this week’s coupon…it’s another 40% off one…enjoy!:cheering:

Oh wow, so has the hubby found that second job to pay for the HL trips yet? :rofl:

I wonder if they’d hire me. They can pay me with yarn. :roflhard:

That is where his Garage Sale money goes. He always tells people that when he asks me for money I tell him to go have a Grarge Sale. And he does!!! I love it.