Way OT: relative visiting blues

Ach! Here I haven’t been around for weeks and I’m here to boo hoo.
My 82 year old dad arrived for a visit on Thursday for TWO WEEKS.
He and my husband are both CRITICAL virgos, born on September 1, both of them. He can’t make a fried egg, can’t make a fresh pot of coffee and gets mad if it’s 10 minutes old. My dad won’t turn the tv off (LOUD westerns or war shows)

Well, they’re out painting the front porch now but man oh man
it’s tough when someone old just keeps complaining about all their aches and pains and they’re going to die soon… my dad has a small tumor behind his ear but they’ve said it may be nothing.


Where is my knitting…

Oh sweetie, hang in there!

((((:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: ))))

Big big big hugs for you!

And some cake and ice cream to get you through the day!

I’m going to take my son to visit his gram (my mum) this week and I am sooooooooodreading it. Let’s have a big sigh together. {{{{{{{{{SIGH}}}}}}}}}}}} :crying:

But Femmy, isn’t this your birthday week? Happy Birthday. :smiley:

Oh family visits…my heart goes out to you.


I’m sorry the visit isn’t going well. Hang in there.

MY SIL has been visiting for the past week and leaves early this morning. Luckily we have had a great time. She also knits so we’ve been sitting and knitting and talking. :XX: :XX: We’ve visited four yarn shops since she’s been here, and eaten many lunches and some dinner’s out. :happydance: She’s a 'talker" so its been nice having lots of “girl talk”. But I’m ready to get back to my regular “routine” and so is she.

[size=2]yes it is. SSSSHHhhhhhhhhh[/size] :oops:

[size=2]yes it is. SSSSHHhhhhhhhhh[/size] :oops:[/quote]

:present: :balloons: :present: :balloons: :present: :balloons: :present: :balloons: :present: :balloons: :present: :balloons:
OK, we won’t embarass you![/size]

I’m going to spend a week with DH’s sisters starting tomorrow. :doh:

I feel for you. :heart:


And HAPPY HAPPY BDAY fmama! :thumbsup: :cheering:

Ha, last night we went to play pool at this stupid little bar stuck in the country here coz my dad plays pool every single day at the senior citizens center in Chandler Arizona. We end up getting into a fight. I KNEW I shouldn’t play him, said no no no no and then we ended up playing and he starts yelling at me like he always did when bowling, when tennis or whatever… and the big explosion happened that always does between us no matter how hard I try to keep my mouth shout and I was going to ask him to leave but this morning he was all apologetic as usual kissy kissy yuk yuk

so, yes sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ha. Thanks for your KIND WORDS!!!

Oh if only my mum were alive to sit and knit with, how wonderful…

I know it is hard, but one day your Dad won’t be here and you will wish you could have one more day.

Zig Ziglar (motiational speaker) is in his 80’s and says any day is a good day that you wake up looking at the grass topside down instead of bottom side up. Share that with your Dad.


Well, just be glad that your father isn’t like the 82 year old man I’ve been taking care of at the hospital recently. This guy is either flirty or cranky, and when he’s flirty he’s putting his hands on all the girls around, and when he’s cranky he’s swearing up a storm and trying to hit anyone who helps him. He actually punched one of the nurses in the stomach and sent her out of work for three days. He’s not a bad guy, just a lot to handle.

So see? it could always be worse…:teehee:

Omg, oh myyy what a funny/sad thing to read, the guy punched the nurse in the stomach! wow There must be a lot of books out there on how to handle elderly/loved ones. (and boy do I need one) The first thing my dad did when I took him to the local diner today was insult the waitress who had like,
20 tables to take care of lunchtime “It’s not my fault you’re BUSY!”

and what was so weird is this is a little farm town where everyone (I’m not kidding) is polite and happy and here is my father come in from Arizona and the only person I ever heard in 10 years who was rude and nasty. Well. Hell. What’cha gonna do. ???

I’m so off KNITTING subjects, EXCUSE me but thank you so much. Funny how much um, refuge and good stuff we find here.
(I am kntting thank god, although I ripped about 2 hours work out, hmmm )

thanks again so much, it means a lot

The guy is funny, but I hope he’s not there when I go back tomorrow, I really don’t want to deal with him anymore. Anyways, with your dad you can either lay down the law or let it go, and it sounds like you’re letting it go (and knit a lot, do something easy like a scarf or washcloths or something). :muah: :muah: :muah:

THANKS Aylaanne! Yup everyday is a challenge. I’m learning…

Knitting a VERY easy poncho on circulars, simple simple. :muah:

Oh, I never saw that new icon… like that! :muah:

My MIL used to do that all the time. Complained about she was not as tall and as not beautiful as before. So my hubby always said to her: “look at the alternative! I could’d been worse”. Now she lost a leg and in a nursing home. I bet she missed the good days when she was home and was able to walk around.

That’s so sad SK. I visited my grandma in her nursing home before she died and it was just terribly sad. (there was also a lady with only one leg)
I should do volunteer work and try to cheer them up but I never get around to it. Maybe someday…

My grandma also has been in a nursing home for 10 years already. She is 95 this year. This place happens to be very nice. They have music party twice a week, Ma-Jang game daily, and people from the Buddist temple to visit once a week. She has 8 children who visit her once a week as well. Sometimes I wish I lived like that :wall:
My MIL is a different story. I think her nursing home is also nice, but she is so depressed that she doesn’t want to do anything. She just sits in her wheel chair or lying in bed staring at the walls. Well, that we can’t help.

Yeah that’s tough stuff, depression immobility …

How nice that your grandma has so many visitors! A good family. It’s hard not to worry about the old thing, but whatcha gonna do? The years are flying by… It is SO BEAUTIFUL outside right now. wow wow