Way OT - Celebrity baby names...what are they thinking?!

Well, Tomkitten has finally arived. Thank god… now I sleep again :rofling:

I’ve just got to say that the names some celeberities pick for their kids is crazy. These poor babies are going to grow up and have to go to school and work with names like Moxie Crimefigher (I kid you not Penn from Pen and Teller and his wife named their little girl that) and Pilot Inspektor (young son of Jason Lee from My name is Earl…for the love of god stop the insanity!!!). What the heck are these folks thinking?! I’m all for interesting names (my little boy’s name is Garrett… not too strange but different) but this is just cruel. No wonder therapists are so busy :rofling: .


I’m wondering if Katie is a knitter. They named their baby Suri which is that breed of Alpaca that has what looks like dreadlocks. Maybe they’re just Alpaca lovers.

Ya, right. :rollseyes:


okay ssssssssssssssstop calling it TomKitten! aaaaaaaaack.

what is up with the press feeling the need to combine everybody’s names now? drives me crazy!

I actually think Suri is kind of a pretty name though I wouldn’t use it most likely.

it certainly could have been worse though! :shock:

Sorry, I was just mocking the whole thing. I agree! It’s like they aren’t individuals anymore. At least they aren’t calling the Paltrow/Martin duo “Chriswith” or something stupid like that. Not yet anyway.

:roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: Moxie Crimefighter :roflhard: :rofling: How STUPID is that?! Is she a super-hero?! :shock:

Sorry, I was just mocking the whole thing. I agree! It’s like they aren’t individuals anymore. At least they aren’t calling the Paltrow/Martin duo “Chriswith” or something stupid like that. Not yet anyway.[/quote]

lol i know you were…i was just having a “stop the insanity” moment! :wink:

Okay i could get behind Chriswith! :rofling:

LOL Yeah, they do get some weird ones!

How about these? We’re they high when they picked them? :??

Check out more here.

Who named their kids this? I would have some issues if I was named Fifi-Trixibelle.

And as for Peaches… somewhere in the future there is a stipper crying. :roflhard:

[size=2][color=gray]people who hate their children![/color][/size]

How many times is Gwyneth Paltrow’s son going to be asked to part the waters before he cracks? :rofling:

Personally, I think having a “different” name is better than being named something that every other kid in your class is going to be named. Growing up as “Aimie” really sucked, especially since everyone insists on spelling it wrong, and there has been at least one “amy” EVERYWHERE I HAVE EVER BEEN, EVER. Hence, the ayla.

you make a good point, however, there is something to be said about not naming your kid things that other kids will make fun of! :rollseyes: i don’t care how much money you have and who you know…if ya give your kid a funky name, kids are going to make fun!

thoooooooooough kids can find ways to rhyme just about anything can’t they! :rofling:

Yeah, but who are these kids really going to be hanging out with? they’re not going to go to the local public school, that’s for sure. I think the chances of their names being made fun of by anyone in person is very slim.

The rest of the world, however, is of course having a field day.

Hey Katie can knit I saw it on something about the new hobby with the famous and she was learning so was Julia Roberts…

I hated my name Dustina noone else had it… all my friend’s had pencils with their names or plaques on their bedroom doors… I was called Dustin by subs who thought my a was silent… or Justina/Christina cause they thought my name was spelled wrong… was called dusty which I can’t stand… or dusty wusty which is WORSE :shock: or its a Dusty Dawn today cause my middle name is Dawn… I also I’m gonna change my name when I can… but now I like it and that its different LOL however I can’t imagine having Apple as my name and Peaches is worse just cause of that song :rofling:

the news today at noon had Tom has a new kitten… seriously… I thought poor baby!!!

I actually think Suri is really pretty. :hiding:

I dunno, I’m not sure children of mega-celebrities are ever going to have a normal childhood anyway. I imagine being the daughter of Tom Cruise will make you stand out much more than an unusual name ever could. Maybe that’s why big celebrities do it – to help their child seem unique or different and to give them a strong identity separate from their parents.

I certainly grew up with an unusual name, and I never minded it, really. But at least it’s a name–and people had heard of it because of Ingrid Bergman. I’m grateful that I’m not a fruit or a superhero.

I read that Julia Roberts’ character knits in the play she’s in right now–and Julia does her own knitting while on stage. So I guess she knits at work, too. :thinking:

:shock: are we thinking of the same song???

All my friends had the monogrammed pencils, too. I always got the pencils that had “AMY” on them. Grr. So, I feel your pain.

My given name is Janet and I always hated it. I only knew a few Janets all through school. I’ve gone by Jan for so long now that Janet almost sound foreign. :roflhard: