Way OT: Bare Escentuals

I want to try … what are the must try products/brushes? where do you buy it from? QVC? Online? Ebay?



(whose rosacea has been outta control - time to try something new!)

Here’s a big ol’ thread about it. Not sure what is all in there but maybe you will find some answers.

I’ve been using Bare Escentuals for about 2-1/2 years now. I absolutely LOVE it :heart:. I was getting mine through QVC, but there is a beauty store chain called HANS here in So. Cal. and I get it there now. If you have rosacea I would suggest getting the original bisque - it covers a multitude of sins! Then go ahead and finish with the color of foundation that is best for you. It is by far the BEST foundation, blush, eye shadow, etc. I have ever used. And it lasts a LONG time. It is fabulous. They do have a website and you can email questions, etc. and get back an answer. They really are a great company and a great product. It will not irritate your skin. It is all natural minerals from the earth - no oils or preservatives like they put in liquid foundations. Give it a try.

Good luck! :waving:

I’ve used this stuff for almost 6 years. It’s some good stuff. I get mine from QVC. I think it’s well worth the price, and it’s actually the only stuff I’ve ever used that does what it says it’s going to do.

I tried it for the first time about three years ago. I think the BEST price is when its ordered from their TV INfomercial. Thats how I got my first “set”. Then after awhile I ordered extra stuff from QVC. Their prices are great but for just starting out the informercials are the LOWEST price.

Thanks, ladies - I checked out the link and did a search on informercials - think I will give it a try - heaven knows I have spent at least as much on makeup that broke up out terribly that sits in a drawer! UPDATE - I ORDERED!!! EEK I AM EXCITED! I got the starter kit - so it should be a good indicator of whether i like or not!!!

Hi, I use bare escentuals. Love it! My mom has roseaca and loves it too. Hides the reddness well for her.

Anyhow, try the basic bare minerals face powder. I also suggest their bisque for covering up very uneven tones. I like their clear radiance as well. I also like their lip glosses. I use it in some of the eye and cheek colors to create lip colors.

I suggest buying it on QVC. They have good deals where they combine products to make kits. Also, if you have a Sephora near you, you can see it there too.

I :heart: B.E. (if you couldn’t tell from my being all over that other thread :teehee: )

My favorite products are the all over face colors. I have bare radiance, rose radiance, glee, warmth, clear radiance, and soft focus true. These can go on as blush, eye color, on the forehead, nose and chin, AND on the lips if you wet the brush and make a paste. With the foundation, any face color, and mineral veil, I can put on my makeup in less than a minute, and look polished and professional–that way I just show up to school late, instead of “late and looking like hell” . :slight_smile:

I also reeeeeeeally like the kabuki brush. it’s very soft, and it’s easier for me to “buff” the color in with this brush instead of the other “flawless application” brush because of the short handle on the kabuki. And I just like the word kabuki.

I plan on checking out that QVC “on demand” thing later this week.

I too love the word kabuki. Its just so… KABUKI!!!

Hildie, how’d I know you’d be on this thread? We must have a lot in common!

I know it!!! We’re like evil twins! :twisted:

:teehee: Hilde said kabuki.

I tried this a while back and liked it bit since I am out in the sun a lot I wanted to try a mineral makeup with more SPF. I found Colorescience and their foundation is SPF 20 and comes with it’s own convenient brush/container thingie (which is great for the golf course or other fun in the sun when you need to reapply for spf protection). What I like the best though is the Sunforgettable mineral sunblock spf 30. It’s the only sunblock I can put on my face without breaking out!

I get to try B.E. though because my little sis bought it in the wrong color so she sent it to me :slight_smile: I still find that I like it, but it looks a little too “powdery” to me even though I use a scant amount like it says to and swirl the brush etc. Any tips from more experienced users? :notworthy:

Mine looks powdery if I don’t moisturize my face first. Also, I think the mineral veil should be applied veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery lightly, because it makes everything matte-ish.

hmmm…I’ll try again tomorrow with light moisture but let it sit for a couple more minutes first and see if that does the trick. Thanks Hilde!

So who’s the evil one? :smilingdevil:

Oh Goodness. I love this site for knitting and then find out there are BE addicts here too. Well, lets just combine heaven.

Last count, I had 32 samples of eye color :muah:

Also when the Q has specials, I split the eye colors with girl friends because they last forever!!!

New favorite on face: since I’m oily in the summer, a tinge of MV on forehead & chin, all over face a combination of #3 & a tiny bit of Faux tan (powder), clear radiance over all. The faux tan is great during the summer!

Great kabuki tip: throw it in your purse after you finish in the morning…if you need a touch up, all you need to do is sweep the buki around your face and waala - perfection! The kabuki retains enough that its a great afternoon pickeruper!


Where is the best site to buy samples???

I’m not sure that you can buy samples. But try googling it and see what you get.

KitKat, I started with samples from Ebay. I love this stuff.

ebay is the best, but watch their shipping charges and check their sample sizes. Some only sell 1/4 tsp. & 1/2 tsp. is much better. Also make sure they use screw top jars :slight_smile:

You can get awesome brush deals on ebay, just watch it closely if you feel compelled to have an over abundance of brushes. (I have 14).