Way OT any computer geeks out there?

i’m trying to burn a cd. i have Windows XP. so i hit burn cd and i get a pop up to insert blank cd…when there is on already in the drive. so is it just not catching the cd or what? i have tried multiple kinds of cds and the all say the same. :wall: so anybody have any idea what i am doing wrong!! i’ve troubleshoot and it is no help. i know i can burn them because i did it a few years back on the computer. nothing has chaged except getting Windows XP! any help would be much appreciated!! thank you.

What you could try, if you haven’t tried it already, is waiting to put the blank in until it pops up telling you to. What program are you using?

Also, if you have the kind of blanks that don’t have any writing on the top, you might want to check that you’re putting them in upside up. I know it sounds really dumb, but I always have to double check before I put my blanks in.

Maybe you could try downloading one of those “free” cd burning programs & see if they work.

I also know that most “non-free” programs can be downloaded for an “evaluation” period.

Does your computer run CDs at all, even just normal ones? I ask b/c I had a situation not too long ago when I tried to burn a CD and the WindowsXP decided that the burning software loaded on my computer would make it unstable, and then from there out, my CD drive didn’t exist. What irks me was that the software was already loaded on the computer when I bought the stupid thing, as was XP. I had never even used it before.

So if your computer isn’t recognizing the drive again, you may have to download a new driver for it and try again. Unfortunately, Katie NoNo Bear pulled my computer (laptop) off the coffee table and it has been out of commission since, so I haven’t been able to even try doing this myself.

Hopefully your problem is much simpler!

Download Nero. It’s a free, fully funtional trial and an excellent burning program. :slight_smile:

WOW i can come here for anything!! unfortuatly i had a beer (my first in 4 yrs) so i’ll have to do it tomorrow as i am alittle fuzzy to do anything technecal… But FiberGirl i think you hit on the head. Kristin i will try your suggestion. Glen didn’t know i could do that. thanks for all ya’lls help… i have to go sober up before DH gets home…haha i am bad!!! :oops: damn i’m hot…