Wavy jumpers for the twins

This is a Sirdar pattern, I love the wavy edge.

I added the cabling, see me on Ravelry for the instructions.

The wool was a Christmas pressie, last year. The kids chose the colour.

So pleased to have finished them :happydance: , four sleeves the same gets SOOOO boring :knitting:

Well, don’t those two little princesses look absolutely beautiful in their new sweaters!!! Great job! I do like the reverse color scheme! Way to go!

Those are SOOOOO adorable!!!

Those sweaters are beautiful! Such cute kiddies, too!

YOur models look quite pleased with their beautiful new sweaters! Great colors, love the cables.

Super cute! The cables were a great addition … your work is beautiful! :cheering:

Oh, they are just beautiful – the sweaters and the girls! Just lovely.

Lovely sweaters. The cables you added are really nice and I like the ruffly necks. :cheering: The girls are so sweet. I see they are holding hands. Twins can be such close friends.

Those little girls are so cute in their sweaters - great job.

How adorable - the girls and the sweaters all! Love how they turned out!!

They are so adorable!!! The blue in the sweaters makes their eyes really pop. I love the cabling and the ruffles!

The girls and sweaters are so georgous. Beautiful children!!!

Your daughters are beautiful! The sweaters are great too, but I’d love to have some time in the park with your twins and my DGD (the older one.)

The y turned out great!! Love the reverse colors!! Your DDs are just adorable!