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Hey there,

I’m new to this forum…,new to [B]all[/B] forums, in fact. I think I’ve already goofed. Sigh. But anyway, I’ve been teaching myself knitting for a few months now from this site. It’s so wonderful! I really appriecate it. I’m sure you will all be just as great! . My favorite things to knit are toys for my baby girl (though she’s too little to enjoy them right now)…probably because I get discouraged when the project is really large. Hopefully, I’ll get over that. Besides knitting, I’m a new mommy, a recently married wife, and a big animal lover. I write, love to garden, read, and bake. When I’m working (I’m a stay-at-home mommy right now) I work with special needs kids and I’m hoping to start volunteering with a dog and my baby to do therapy at hospitals and nursing homes. I’m a bit of a wall-flower, so you probably won’t hear too much from me, but I’ll keep an eye on the goings-on here! Thanks again for helping make this such a great site.

Hi November. :waving: Welcome to Knitting Help. You picked a good forum to start with–everyone here is really friendly. You’ll love it here.

If you have any questions about knitting, you can post them in the How-to thread (or in general knitting) and someone will usually respond pretty quickly.

You can see the other threads as well. There’s one for patterns and one for showing off your projects too.

If you haven’t looked at www.ravelry.com yet, you might want to take a look there and sign up for an account. It’s a great resource for patterns and a lot of us on KH are there too. You have to sign up and they’ll send you an invite in a few days (my understanding is they do it that way so their computer servers don’t get overloaded.)

Enjoy your knitting! :slight_smile:

Hello back. I taught myself to knit mainly through this site too. Everyone here is so nice. I am a long time happily married, mother of 3 with lots of animals. I haven’t knit any toys yet, but started a little sweater for my daughter.

Hey! Thanks for the welcome and the link to ravelry…I’ll check it out!

Mom of three is amazing, in my opinion. I love my little girl, but she takes up almost all of my engry, so I’m going to wait a couple years to try for another, I think. What kind of animals do you have?

:happydance: Welcome to KH!!

Hi again! Mom of three, but really spread out - ages 20, 8 and 2. I think I’ll be parenting forever, but I enjoy it. We have a hamster, two birds, cat, dog and goldfish that live outside in a pond. We did have 5 cats at once, but as the years go on they have all passed away except Squire, he is now 20 years old and in pretty good shape for a 20 year old cat. What kind of animals do you have? By big animals do you mean cows and horses or just big love for all animals?
Definitely check out ravelry too - a lot of great pattern (a lot for free). KH though is the absolute best for getting help and the nicest people I think I have ever met.

Grin I meant big love for most (not a fan of wasps) animals. I have two cats…for the moment. Then again, we will be getting more when we move. The house we live in right now can’t handle much more then it already has. I have had a bird (desperately miss him, in fact), rabbits, dogs, mice, and a turtle. I plan to open a no-kill dog shelter, in fact (once again, I must wait til we move). 20 year old cat! Wow! That’s quite an accomplishment! Good for him! And, I do like big animals too, like horses, but at the moment the best I can do on that point go visit them. This is a really great site, and I am on the ‘waiting list’ for Ravelry. Will definately be your friend when I get there! (Three kids is still a challange, no matter how spread out they are, but I know you love them, I can tell. I wouldn’t give up my baby for any thing in the world).