Wave Stitch

[COLOR=black]Is there a video on how to do the wave stitch anywhere? I need to use that as my starting row on a sweater. The directions are alittle confusing, it sounds like you wrap the yarn around when you twist the knitting. :shrug:[/COLOR]

Just want to be sure I can see how it looks up close.


do you have a link to the “wave stitch” explanation? I’ve not heard of that particular stitch - or is it a cast-on technique?


I am looking at a pattern called High Tide by Chris Bylsma Designs.

They want you to cast on say 60 stitches and knit 6 rows. then on the Right Side row, Work the Waves Row (Wave pattern: K2, bring left needles tip forward and completely around the knitting, (k5, bring left needle tip forward and around), repeat to last 3 sts, k3. The knitting willl actually be twisted, to give a wave effect.

I tried it, and it looks odd, because when I twisted the needle around the yarn wraps around also. Not sure if that is how it is suppose to look.

Thanks for asking.

Knitty’s T Twist top has same hem stitch which was discussed here.