Wave pattern

im looking for a pattern of waves that i can do with multiple colors on a scarf (yes i know i need to move on to a different clothes item haha) but the clincher is that the waves will need to start out big and get smaller… anyone have any recommendations?

What kind of waves? There’s ripple patterns, shell/scallop patterns or drop stitch patterns like the Seafoam stitch. Do you have a picture of what you have in mind?

well my idea is based on a song where the premise is that they escape chaos and return to “safer waters” so i want to do a gradient of charcoal-esque colors at the ends which goes into dark blue which goes into light blue but then in the center of the scarf it is real light blue … the wave concept i want bigger waves showing chaos to smaller more subtle waves towards the center where there will be no waves at all… “safer waters”

that second pic could maybe work but i wanted to do it more as colors instead of an actual stitch pattern… the only thing that kinda has the concept im looking for is this one

and this is the drawing i made for the idea in a way just in case my words are confusing (which they tend to be haha)

I like Fan & Feather.

This version has garter stitch rows, but I usually make mine with a contrast color in that area, in stocking stitch, instead of the garter stitch rows.

yeah that one is cool looking too…

i think ive decided to just mix in some white at the end of the color changes to make it look like the water hitting the surface … hopefully it will look all right

brolie - is the pattern available somewhere for the ear flap hat?

Sue, I love the seafoam stitch, thanks for the link!