Wave Lengths Men's Scarf


I was wondering if anyone has made the Wave Lengths Men’s Scarf by Jackie O’Brian and if so is the pattern correct? It says to ch 168 but the pattern is a multiple of 8 +2 which would make the original ch 170.
Also, do you crochet your last stitch in the top of turning ch? Upon a close examination of pictures of completed scarves, it looks like you do not. I’m so confused!
How many stitches should I have at end of each row? Thank you so very much for all your help!


Welcome!! Why don’t you use some scrap yarn and try doing the pattern exactly as written?!?!? Then u could find out where to make the corrections, if needed.



Thank you, Knitcindy. I actually have done that several times using 168 ch, then 170 ch and it never came out right. Then I did a small swatch of 18 ch and did not work top st of turning ch. I have done half a scarf now chaining 170 and not working in the turning ch. Since I am not a crocheter I thought I should ask someone more experienced. Again, thank you for your suggestion.


Pat, I have looked at the pattern and the 168 is an error (170 would be correct) but it will make little difference in the results. I have not made this pattern but the math is clear.

Have you made or finished this pattern?

If you used 168 sts then one end will have a shorter repeat of the wave.

If you worked a sts in the top of the turning chains it will be nearly invisible. It would make the first and last repeats just one sts longer than the others.

The pattern was written to not work in the top of the turning chains. I think that choice is the opposite of what is common practice.

Neither error will be visible to anyone other than one well experienced with crochet or one who has read this thread. :smiley: