Water-Safe Yarns?

Hello! I am looking for a type or brand of yarn that won’t deteriorate with prolonged exposure to water, like for a bathing suit.

One group told me cotton won’t stretch and sag and another group told me that because it’s a natural fiber it will disintegrate after awhile. I am looking to sell my tops to mermaiders and I need something that will hold up.


Cascade Fixation is the only think I can picture working, in terms of maybe holding its shape when wet. I’d love to hear others’ ideas….

You could also search www.ravelry.com for bikini, and see what other knitters have used for their designs.

Sounds cool, I hope we get to see some pictures when you’ve made mermaid tops!

I have spoken to a few people who have made them before and they said they are supposed to be for decoration or tanning and not actually for swimming in so the yarn that’s used doesn’t matter :confused: I will look into Cascade Fixation though, thanks.