Hi I found this pattern for a watchcap that I want to knit but am having a hard time getting the pattern to come out right. It is knit on a circular needle. It is the marsan watchcap on It is a beautiful piece knit by Ms. Staceyjoy. The link is My problem is that I figure I’m doing something wrong. The pattern says to K1 in the back stitch, P1, repeat. This is basically the pattern. But I don’t get that ribbing pattern that is on the picture. I’ve seen Amy’s video on how to K1 in the back. I still can’t get it. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong. I am using size 8 needles instead of 7. Help.

Check your stitch count, it should be an even number for ribbing. K1, p1 creates a rib stitch even if the knit st is twisted.