Watch out for this new spam

Both my law partner and I received an email today purporting to be from the Better Business Bureau and referring to a complaint each of us had made about online identity theft. It gave us a site which would tell us the status of the investigation. Needless to say, we did not fo there as neither of hd reported anything to the BBB. I think it was an attempt to get us to log on to that site, so Beware!!

Thanks for the info!

Last week I received two emails claiming to be from the IRS stating that we had a refund due. The totals were two different amounts. Needless to say I went directly to the IRS website (NOT through the email) and the first thing that was posted at the top of the page was information about phony emails.
If you receive those type of emails, don’t open them or click on any links in them.

Hardly new but good info just the same.

Yes, many thanks.

I received some e-mails last week where the word ‘Sirdar’ had had a couple of letters transposed.

At first glance, you could easily have mistaken it for the real thing.