Waste Yarn

Hi I’m new and don’t REALLY understand what I’m doing/right/wrong… I am hoping someone can explain the NEED for using waste yarns. I’ve read so much about how to do it etc. but can’t seem to find WHY you would use this? thanks for any help.

Waste yarns are generally used for provisional cast on, life lines and afterthought heels, toes, thumbs, etc.

What are you making? Do you have a pattern name and link? Don’t post the pattern it’self here please.

Hi Jan am still not understanding this. Why WOULD a person use this, what do they actually do or help with? I am knitting up a Dickie right now. Haven’t been on the BOND for about 10 years so thought I’d drag it out for a while.

If you need to move stitches to a holder for some reason, waste yarn works great.
A provisional cast on can use waste yarn. Start knitting and later you come back to remove the waste yarn and place live stitches on the needle to work the other way.
If you look up afterthought heels you’ll see how that is done. Waste yarn allows you to come back and knit into an open space to make the heel.
A provisional cast on can let you come back later and use a 3-needle bind off to join two pieces; a shoulder seam, for example .

These are all for hand knitting. I’ve never used a knitting machine so can’t say that any of them would apply.

I can’t say I’ve never used waste yarn other than to tie down apple tree branches. I use an interchangeable needle cable for provisionals, either a cable or a stitch holder to hold stitches. If I was going to do a lifeline I’d probably use dental floss.
If you don’t want to use waste yarn you don’t have to if you have a better idea. .

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Oh, I didn’t realize you were using a knitting machine. I know nothing about those, sorry. Most people here hand knit.

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Oh, that’s what BOND means. I’d look for YouTube videos.

Hi Jan I am making a dickey and toque set for one of my daughters. She lives on a ranch and it gets mighty cold feeding cattle at 40-50 below. So in other words, it’s not something I have to worry bout or use?

OK thnx grumpy gramma…
\Why do I have the feeling this isn’t a BOND machine knitting site?

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I’m getting that idea now. I thought this was a knitting machine place.

Thanks Mike I might have to do that.

Now that I know it’s a knitting machine question I recall something about “waste yarn” from when I was curious and watched videos.

I recognized BOND from video titles and in context it made sense. Like I said, I’ve never used a knitting machine, but I have found that Cheryl Brunette has great hand knitting instruction videos and this is where I saw BOND in titles. You might check her videos. Meet Your BOND

If I had a BOND I think I’d have to call it James.


LOL re the “JAMES”:wink: I will go there many thanks. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I am also after a pattern (again for the BOND) and will go there. I tried converting a dickey pattern from hand knit to the BOND and came against all sorts of problem when it came to the neck so am still looking there,
Thnx Grumpy Gramma;)

Yes the BOND uses all those terms too. I’m just still up in the air about it all :frowning:

Hi GrumpyGramma…(WHY do I have the feeling that you are anything BUT grumpy?:slight_smile: I will go try this site, thanks muchly. Sorry I haven’t answered sooner but we’ve been having quite the time here lately. First DH fell UP the stairs and broke his kneecap. Then at the same time we discovered that I had pnomonua…then he got a very badly infected finger that required medical attention, every day. Just to add insult to injury; my computer died. So now we are all up and running again;)

:tropical_drink: Here’s to an end of your string of horrid luck! And I wish you well in finding what you need to know about James BOND.

Knitting machines fascinate me but they look so complicated. Even the looms look like they’d be harder for me to use. Managing to knit at all was a real challenge for me. I had 8 fingers, 2 thumbs, 2 needles, 2 yarn ends and that all added up to 2 many moving parts. Crochet was my thing for a long time and now I can do both. lol

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I LOVE my machines but they sure can cause problems at times and then can be so frustrating.
I also crochet but doilies & such. I don’t do it now because who wants it all after I’m gone?

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