Washing wool

I just finished my first project made with wool. Now I need to know, what is a good product to use to wash it with? So what do y’all recommend?

I use woolite. Just be sure your water temp remains constant for washing (just soak) and rinsing. Some people use shampoo which I think makes a lot of sense.

I use Eucalan and love it. I have been using it for several years now and it just takes a small amount. I bought it especially for my wool things, but I use it on almost all of my delicate hand washables.

This tells about it:

Eucalan and Lavender No Rinse Wool Wash

Gentle cleanser & condition
Recommended for all fine fabrics
Saves time, water & money
Is 100% Biodegradable
May be used in automatic washer
Requires no Rinsing
Contains no detergents or phosphates
Is concentrated

Contains Eucalyptus, Grapefuit or Lavender, both natural moth and flea inhibitors. Contains Lanolin - a natural conditioner, reducing static and controlling wrinkles

Lanolin Enriched Concentrates available in tradition Eucalan and now new Lavender! A true “no rinse” product excellent for washing delicates such as wool, cashmere, silk, linen and so on. Contains eucalan or lavender which inhibit moth and fleas. Perfect for spot cleaning rugs, needlepoint, upholstery, even sheepskin rugs and seat covers because of its no rinse properties. Regular soap products remove the lanolin leaving wool dull and lifeless. Angora in particular becomes sticky and matted. Eucalan conditions the wool and restores the lanolin to the fibers, leaving it soft and fragrant free.


I’m new to knitting, but not at all new to wool. Someone above recommended Eucalan, and it’s a decent wool wash, but be aware that the scented ones can sometimes un-set the dye. So if you are washing something that is not solid colored, or has multiple colors, you may experience color bleeding with it. Just wanted you to be aware so that you don’t end up ruining something that you love :wink:

Also, if you want your woolies to smell super-yummy, a few spritzes with scented lanolin wool spray after washing, and even between washings will keep them smelly nice. This WAHM is awesome and if she does not have the scent you want in stock, she’s great about being willing to mix some up for you http://hyenacart.com/EweNeedIt/

My LYS’s sell some. I use SOAK which is expensive but I love the smell, it makes it so clean. I use Eucalan as well.
My favorite trick I learned from reading a knitting blog is when you take the knitting out of the water, don’t ring it out even gently, instead “cradle” it in your hands and gently squeeze. this helps it get less stretched out!

Plain old baby shampoo works great!