Washing wool-ease?

I am knitting a sweater with lion brand wool-ease, which says it is machine washable, but I am doubtful. Have any of you washed this yarn? It seems to my hands that it would shrink a bit, just a feeling i have. Any experience?

Wool-ease is wool and acrylic and it doesn’t shrink at least in my experience. It may tighten up very slightly, but as with all knits it will stretch out a bit with wear, too.

I’ve used it for a shawl and washed it a couple times. Didn’t shrink at all, might even have loosened up a bit.

I made my first pair of socks with woolease. They still fit my feet the same. I would suggest that you wash your sweater inside out, so if you get fuzzies, they won’t be as visible.

Great idea!

Did it soften at all? I have a bunch here to use, but I just don’t like the feel of it. Been meaning to make a big swatch of it and wash it.

Yes, it softened up somewhat. Not like malabrigo soft, but good enough. I don’t find it itchy, though some people do, and I have a low tolerance for itchy sweaters.

Thanks! Now I feel better spending months using it for a cardigan!:hug:

I made a cardigan using LB Chunky wool ease, and it hasn’t shrunk a bit-I love it!

I thought it was plain wool, never questioned it. I wanted to felt an eyeglass case. It wouldn’t felt and then----I checked to see what it was made out of. :lol: