Washing Sugar n Cream Yarn

I am making some washcloths in sugar n cream yarn, and I’m wondering if the colors run when washed.

I never had any problems. Not a run issue, but I do take mine out of the dryer when damp and do a quick tug and pull. It helps them keep their shape and with getting them out damp, any fade from excessive heat.

I have had the dark brown color bleed when washed. This particular color also seems susceptible to being bleached out by color-safe stain removers.

I’ve had darker colors fade on my tank top, but I wanted them more muted anyway. Since it was dark, I washed it with darker clothes so didn’t notice if they bled.

Really you guys? Have I been lucky? I have done primary colors and have had no problems. I guess I will be more careful in the future.

I’ve never had any problems with the colours bleeding…

The brighter colors will run, they also fad significantly. But after a few washings they are ok.

Thanks for the responses. I am making several washcloths for a friend who is having a baby and one of the colors is dark brown, which is the one I was worried about and I see above that RachelGrumstump has had problems with this color. I will definitely wash this one by itself as one of my other colors I’m using is white! Don’t want those two together!! Thanks for all the info.!

My colors only faded after several washes, probably because I like to use warm water. I just don’t see washing clothes in cold water, it doesn’t dissolve skin oils and such from clothes so I don’t think they get clean. No bleeding of one color into another though. I separate my laundry by darks and lights though.

I have made hats out of this and I always soak in vinegar and dish soap before I give them away,the vinegar sets the color so they don’t bleed.

After having them bleed when I do dishes, I always wash them with like colors.

Great tip! Thanks, momwolf. I’m going to give this a try!!