Washing large wool blanket

I’m about to finish my 4 X 6 foot afghan of 100 % wool that is hand wash only. I know! But I don’t care for acrylics or any mixture of acrylic and wool. I plan on hand washing it in the bath tub and [B][U]my question is[/U][/B]: Can I spin-dry it in the washer and then lay it out flat to dry? Also, would Woolite get that awful sheepy smell out? Thanks for any advice. TeresaB

Yes, spinning in the washer should be fine, just don’t let it stretch. It may be easier to use the washing machine for all of it - put the blanket in, fill the tub and shut it off. Soak for a while, or hand wash it, then spin it out, you just need to avoid the agitation of the wash cycle. Woolite might not be good for it, I’ve heard that it can weaken the fibers. Use a little shampoo, and maybe a small amount of conditioner in the rinse.

Thanks, I’ll try that even though I have a front-loading washer I think I can just do a soak cycle followed by the spin.

I think you’ll find a front-loader is gentler than a top-loader and it should work out fine. Your front-loader will tumble it around rather than yanking and jerking back and forth. I have washed things in a front-loading washing machine that would have been destroyed in a top-loader.

I wash all my blankets, but rather than just putting them into the machine I have a laundry bag (purchased at a $1 store) that I slip the blanket into before washing and spinning. That insures that the blanket will not stretch out of shape while laundering.

My 2 cents worth.

Personally I don’t hand wash anything - way too lazy for that. I love the delicate cycle on my washer : ) With animal fiber I usually let them sit for like 15min then drain and repeat before I wash. I have had some pretty dirty yarn I guess and find soaking helps get rid of that smell. Have heard horrible things about woolite and knitting so you may want to look into some wool wash. Good luck.