Washing Berroco Weekend DK Cotton/Acrylic blanket

I’ve just finished two baby blankets for my son’s soon-to-be twins using this yarn. Instructions say to wash in cold water, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. I know my daughter-in-law will not follow these instructions, she will just throw them in her regular laundry to wash and dry in the dryer. What do you think will happen to the blankets. They are 25% cotton and 75% acrylic. The blankets are loosely crocheted so some shrinkage would probably be ok, but I’m wondering if they will end up looking “shriveled” or something like it. Thanks for any hep.

You could try a torture test on a swatch.

My all cotton wash cloths don’t seem to shrink up from new as much as they stretch out when wet. I think the 25% cotton will be OK. The acrylic should be OK but I’m not sure if all acrylics are equal. I had a fantasy yarn that did really bad (horrible shrinking) with heat and another that felts from static, I think both are acrylic.

That is a GREAT idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I have almost a whole skein left over. I’ll just make a hand towel and toss it in the washer and dryer and see what happens. Thank you!


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I don’t think it will hurt it, but do a test with a swatch to see how it handles it. I wash all my baby things in washer and dryer and I’ve never had a problem with any acrylic. Make sure to weave in the ends well on the blanket so agitation won’t work them out.

I use mostly acrylic and I wash and dry using gentle cycle and I have never had an issue with i, but I think a swatch is a good idea

Thanks, Jan! I’m crocheting a 5" x 7" swatch now, and will toss it in with regular laundry tomorrow and see how it fares. I’m glad to know you’ve not had a problem with acrylics. I would hate for my DIL to throw it in the dryer and have it melt!!

Thanks, trisha. I’m working on that swatch now…glad to hear you’ve never had issues with acrylics, too. I feel better about it now!

I don’t think it would melt, but the possibility of it getting fuzzy. IIRC that yarn was okay though.