Washing Bernat Blanket I made

I have made 2 blankets with Yarnspirations Bernat Blanket Extra yarn. Both blankets are shedding really bad after I have made them. Should I wash these blanket and if so, how do you suggest I do that without them falling apart. I put them down on anything and lift them up and little balls of yarn are everywhere. HELP! I can’t give them to anyone like this… Thanks for any help I can get.

Have you thought about calling the yarn company, are they chenille ( fluffy)
My daughter made her sister a scarf from it and it sheds

I haven’t called them. I might try that. I feel bad giving the blankets away to anyone as much as they shed. I just had to vacuum my whole livingroom because how much it sheds. I put it over a chair and am afraid to move it now! lol

I think I will call the company and see what they suggest.

Thanks for the replay and suggestion.