Washing baby items

Good afternoon!

I am working an a couple baby blankets that i want to wash before gifting. Am i ok to use my regular detergent or should i use something like dreft?


What’s Dreft? LOL I know, it’s a special detergent for baby things. I never used it. My kids and grandkids clothes have only ever been washed with whatever detergent we use for everything else. I’d not worry about it. Assuming they are machine wash and dry, I would make sure to use some fabric softener.

As long as it’s not Tide, your regular detergent should be fine. Maybe use a little less if you wash it by itself.

As long as it’s not tide…why not tide?

As long as it’s not Tide…why not Tide?

As I’ve not used Tide in about 30 yrs. I can’t say it’s still the same but I found it to be harsh, stinky, and very hard on fabrics in general, and irritating to my skin. The smell is enough to keep me from using it today, and I actually have found that the “environmentally friendly” brands clean better, rinse out better, and don’t leave a nasty smell behind. I suppose I should say that to me a clean smell is no noticeable odors (fragrances) at all, just neutral.

Yeah, Tide can be overly harsh, hard to rinse out and some people get reactions from it. Granted that was the powder years ago, maybe the liquid is better, but I just stay away from it. I use the cheapest detergent I can get, usually Sun and it’s fine. I also don’t care for perfumey scents either, which would be another thing to stay away from for baby things.

I just remembered, when my DD got a brand new washer/dryer they got a free sample of Tide. She was trying to get someone to take it, she didn’t like it at all. The powder was really hard on washing machines too. I was told it was because it was mostly sand; true or not I cannot say.

You might consider using a scent-free detergent as some parents are concerned about creating allergies. Luckily you can find lots of “-free” laundry detergents in the cheaper brands.

I use Tide liquid for my husband and I and I like it fine. I’ve never noticed a harshness myself. However, for baby things I donate or gift I use my regular wool wash which is Eucalan. Although I rinse they say you don’t need to.

Thank you for all of the responses! I will definitely be staying away from Tide! My usual detergent is scented so I think I will pick up a bottle of a “Free” detergent for baby gifts!

I like All Free and Clear. I work with food and it gets the stains out. Plus, it’s great for children and adults who might be sensitive to perfumes and dyes. One thing I learned is that you have to read labels with detergents and liquid fabric softeners. Some are made for regular washers and others are made for the new energy efficient machines. Those will have the label HE (High Efficiency) somewhere on the bottle. It’s usually on the front but Downey likes to put theirs on the back. You’re not supposed to substitute the two types of detergent and softeners. Using an HE product in a regular machine won’t get the clothes as clean because they use less soap. Using a regular detergent in an HE machine will give you too many suds and you may have to put the machine through another rinse to get rid of it all. It also puts more wear and tear on the machine and can void the warranty.

I always wash handknitted or crocheted baby gifts with fragrance-free detergent, for sensitive skin. I also use a fragrance-free fabric softener. I wash on the gentle cycle with cold water, and dry on a gentle setting as well.

This is actually the way I take care of ALL my handmade items. I want them all to last.