Washing an acrylic baby blanket

Hello everybody!

So I have started knitting a baby blanket for my cousins brand new baby girl :slight_smile: I’m using lion brand jiffy yarn and it says its 100% acrylic and machine washable, but I’m worried. I want to wash it before I send it to her, but I’m afraid it’ll ruin it. If you’re familiar with this yarn, you’ll know its very fuzzy and everything sticks to it. So I have a bunch of little dog hairs I keep having to pick off. I want to wash it to make sure its all off. Any tips on washing this type of yarn? Should I just take a lint roller to it instead? I just don’t want to lose its softness or its fuzziness. Any tips will be helpful!

Let me know if a picture would be helpful and I’ll post one :slight_smile:

Since it’s machine wash and dry and that’s how it will be treated, I would toss in in a cool wash and then dry it in the dryer. Fabric softener is a good idea too. Be careful of what you wash it with as you don’t want it collecting lint from other items. I’d wash it with smooth surfaced items like T shirts, no towels or terry cloth for example.

Agreed. If you’re not going to wash it alone, it might be a good idea to put the blanket into a mesh laundry bag so that it doesn’t get snagged. You could even include the mesh bag with the present.
Congrats to your cousin on the new baby!

Yep, I just wash and dry acrylic.