Washing acrylic. Do I have to worry about bleeding?

So I’ve been working on this patchwork baby blanket. I’m so close to done and I need some info on how I should wash it. I’m certain it should need to be washed as does the lining before I put it together and sew on the quilt edging stuff.

Can anyone offer me suggestions on how to wash this. Do I dry it? Will the colors run? OMG I hope not. The yarn is just Red Heart super soft and Vanna’s Choice both 100% acrylic. Red says wash at 104 degrees and Vanna’s says 86 degrees (Fahrenheit) and both can be dried in the dryer.

Just thinking about washing it is giving me the willies.

Acrylic usually washes very well. I’d wash it on a knits or gentle cycle in cool water, and then lightly dry it. You shouldn’t have any problem with colors running since I believe acrylic is made in the colors rather than dyed the way wool and cotton are.

This afghan is all acrylic:


Various yarns, including some RH. Machine washed warm, dried warm/hot (I just tossed it in with other stuff I was drying). Came out great, very soft.


Thanks for the responses ladies. I’ll still be worried, but if that afghan of cam’s can still look so good what do I have to worry about. :pray: