Washcloth yarn

Can anyone recommend a good yarn for washcloths… I’d like to find something that has an exfoliating texture to it…

I just use the cotton “Peaches & Cream”. I don’t know about exfoliating, but maybe if you knitted it knobby. Like a seed stitch maybe.

I also use Peaches and Cream or Sugar and Cream. I have used them for making dish cloths. I am using one of the patterns from this web site and it is working out great. The balls of yarn are a little smaller than most and I had trouble finding them at the store. I get mine at AC Moore.

I’m working on one with Peaches and Cream, too. Love that the yarn is so cheap, only 1.27 at my wal-fart in southern Cali.

I’ve been using Bernat Handicrafter, which is exactly like Lily’s Peaches and Cream - just more available in my area.

A garter stitch cloth has wonderful scrubbing ridges.