Washcloth yarn

what is the best yarn to do a washcloth with? cotton?

Yup. Cotton is the best yarn for washcloths.

I preffer to use Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. They have a dishcloth pattern on the back, but I didn’t follow that.

Cotton is a wonder to wash too. Easy to clean. :slight_smile:

I think Jenelle means “Sugar and Cream” cotton. That’s what I’ve been using because it’s the cheapest. I did pick up some Lion Brand cotton the other day and it works fine, too.

You can also use super wash wool. Anything that won’t felt or shrink. Although I have found the cotton does shrink down quite a bit if run through a hot load of laundry. But they sure feel good on your face!

what feels softest on the skin?

[color=blueviolet]Peaches & Crème does exist. You can get it at Wal-Mart or directly from the manufacture.[/color]

[color=blueviolet]Lion Cotton feels the softest out of the “kitchen cottons.” It’s more expensive but you get more yardage than you do with the others. I’ve made washcloths out of Bernat’s Cottontots. It’s sooooooooo much softer than the “kitchen cottons” because it’s a 100% cotton baby yarn made for garments but I made washclothes out of them for a babyshower and they were a hit. I know some knitters who prefer to make their full-sized washclothes out of Cottontots, I’m one of them, because they’re softer and so they can tell them apart from the dishcloths. That’s important if you use the same pattern for both.[/color]

Nope there is Peaches and Cream yarn. I scaned the label too.

I used the Heritage 8ply Cotton, it’s an Australian cotton and is loverly and soft :smiley:

I also have some Sirdar Pure Cotton DK in a lovely tealy/minty colour to make myself a gaggle of stuff (185yd per ball), and some Jo Sharp Soho cotton for some cloths for me and MIL.

I use them all. I tend to like my colors to go with the design. The blue for a dolphin, finally found red for the apple, pink for the heart and for the words love , etc. I buy any cotton I come across, lol.

I have the Knit Picks Crayon color card … and my next orcer I am going to order some for washcloths … It is really soft. I think it will probably have to be doubled.

Internette, I buy LOTS of cotton too, all different kinds … ya think it is a FLorida thing ??

I make my face cloths out of cotton chenille, and I :heart: :heart: :heart: them! They are just so yummy, and I feel so pampered when I use them. I’ve been using Crystal Palace chenille (you can get 2-3 cloths per skein) but it’s a little pricey. I just ordered a few skeins from Numei.com for $2.95 per skein; it arrived this weekend and looks great. Will be making them later this week for last minute Christmas gifts for our babysitters.

Btw, if you go with cotton chenille, you can throw them in the wash even though the tag says to hand wash or dry clean. I did an experiment last week and was happy to discover they could be machine washed (I did them on cold wash, delicate cycle, and tumble dry low).

Debbie I dont know, In my case kinda thought it was a stash happy building thing. I cant resist much especially affordable yarns. I get a quick fix for cotton dishcloths at 2.17 a ball. lol.

[color=blueviolet]Peaches & Crème does exist. You can get it at Wal-Mart or directly from the manufacture.[/color]


I didn’t know that! I apologize for jumping the gun, Jenelle. :oops:

Also… I don’t care for Sugar and Cream for a face cloth. Not that soft IMO. I’m going to try one of the others for faces.

It’s okay Jan. You can get like 1 pound spools for 6 or 7 dollars at walmart. Its really soft and would be nice for dish cloths :slight_smile:

It’s okay Jan. You can get like 1 pound spools for 6 or 7 dollars at walmart. Its really soft and would be nice for dish cloths :)[/quote]

Thanks for that info! Good to know!

Your welcome. :slight_smile:

They come in many really pretty colors. Some solid and some multi colored. Really nice blends actually. :slight_smile:

I like Bernat Cotton Tots for facecloths. It washes up well and I find it softer than the Handicrafter.

thanks everyone!!! I’ll be doing some in each brand to see which I prefer.
earthchick, I’m going to start with the chenille cause that’s what I want, to be pampered!!! I want to start with something special.
my goodness, it seems there’s NEVER an end to the yarn and patterns and projects we find we want to do!!!
Anyway, I thought would be fun to do facecloths for my sisters with a nice bar of soap, maybe for b’day or the next christmas.

I recently made one with cotton chenille also, and it came out great but is a PAIN to work with! Not stretchy at all, and the label warns you of that. :rollseyes:

hmm, maybe I’ll do my first ones in cotton then. I can move on to chenille later if i need to.
thanks, mer.