Wash cloths

As a break from knitting a baby blanket, I have knitted two (so far) wash cloths from cotton yarn in order to satisfy my daughter’s wished to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. They are 100% cotton and can be machine washed, so she can use them instead of wipes for the baby (if I make enough of them!). I have until March when the baby is due to make more.They are a nice way to try out new stitches and designs and I am having a blast with them as well as the perfect palate cleanser, so to speak, from the seemingly endless blanket!! That’s Elliot, who is supervising my work.IMG_1172


Congrats on the coming grandchild!
Those are lovely. You’re right, the perfect way to try out new stitches and techniques.

Not to distract from your mission but have you looked at some of the sweet bib patterns on Ravelry?

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I will definitely check them out!

Ooh how exciting.

Whilst I did not use hand knitted wash cloths for my little one (I was not knitting then) I got through 10 years without using any disposable baby wipes. Huge fan of washable.
I used shop bought face cloths for hands and face at home and out and about.
I also had a big stash of upcycled washable bum wipes to go with the washable nappies. Mine were cotton tshirts and out grown baby onsies cut into squares but they can also be knitted (colour code for bum or add a colour code edge).
If your daughter is planning on washable nappies you could ask her if she would like hand knitted soakers to go into the nappy pocket (hemp and bamboo are favs), wool wraps are a big hit in the washable nappy crowd too.
We did a lot of nappy free time at home and used fabulous wool baby leggings and baby legs (leg warmers for bare bum) which have super cute designs.

…sorry getting carried away!

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I love that yellow cotton, what brand is that? Good on your daughter too for wanting to use less disposable things.
Elliot is gorgeous, too!

That yarn is Dishie Multi, worsted weight in Sunshine Multi. I love it too - yellow is such a happy color and a delight to work with!


Thank you, Claudia! I agree - I’m hopefully going to move soon and have already decided I’d like a deep yellow for my near-future living room walls :slight_smile: