Was this a good buy?

I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday (and the day before, and the day before that!) and stumbled on this pack they had. Its a 3 ball value-pak of Sugar 'n Cream. These are the biggest balls I’ve seen - 2 balls are 400g and 1 ball is 340g (approx 700 yards each).

The package was marked $22.99 but I used my 40% off coupon so paid $14.72. It also came with a little pattern book.

Was this a good deal, and if so - what on earth should I make with it? I was thinking of attemptin my first pinwheel blanket with it all, but have no idea how many of the balls it will take.

Here’s 2 pictures. They had I think 3 different choices of colors - and I’m tempted to get another if this was a good deal.

I totally think that is a great deal! The pattern book alone is about $7, so for $7, you got a good yarn deal :inlove: …Wish we had Hobby Lobby here.
You could make a market bag with that yarn…I really want to make one, so I will have to put it on the waiting list.

Sounds like a very good deal to me.

Yes indeed - you made a good score :slight_smile:

Well alrighty! Good to know it’s a good deal! Now I’m tempted to go back and get another color set. This will be a record, Hobby Lobby every day this week. I’m SURE I’ll just have to go back tomorrow for something!

Mason - I was just reading your blogs last night. I love catching up on them every now and then. I like the way you write - you don’t hold back!

Thanks everyone! Does anyone have any idea how much of this yarn it would take to make a decent sized pinwheel blanket?

I’ve not done a pinwheel blanket, so can’t answer that question. But just remember that this is 100% cotton and will be quite heavy for a blanket!

For a blanket, you can use larger needles, like size 10 and it will come out okay, not use as much yarn as size 7 or 8, nor be quite as heavy.

I’m sure Shandeh can let you know, but you can always use the remnants for the Oddball Pet Snuggles! (They use 100% cotton.)


Ok, maybe I’ll try that. I don’t want it to be too heavy, but at least have some weight to it. I’m hoping and hoping to start it next week, but I REALLY need to finish up some other things first.

I’ve bought that before!

Every season they put out a new bag with colors that sort of match the season. I use a lot of cotton, so I always go back to check which colors they have. The best part is- when they go to do a new bag of colors, if the old ones haven’t sold yet they go to clearance. I usually wait and get the whole bag for $9.99. I think I got one for $6.99 once. Just keep that in mind if you want the cotton but don’t really need it yet :smiley:

How cool is that!

We just had a Hobby Lobby open up about a week ago and I’ve only been in it once to look around without really stopping to check out any areas in particular. I was amazed that they had almost two aisles full of yarn!

I will have to see if I can find that here – I don’t have a project in mind (now) although I do like to practice stitches with dishclothes – getting it on clearance sounds awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

Great deal! :thumbsup:
Cotton works great for baby gifts too, so you can also use it to make baby bibs, sweaters, hats, etc. (hint hint…get that wedding over with, and make a little howdovely) :teehee:

:roflhard: That made me crack up! Yeah, maybe someday… We still have no idea when or where the wedding will be!

I made a pinwheel baby blanket last summer using 5 skeins of Cotton Tots which I believe are around 150 yds each.

:heart: :hug: Brenda:hug: :heart:

I’ve never seen that before. I will look next week when I go. Nice colors.

I’ve bought a few of these from HL w/my coupon. I got their Christmas trio earlier this month and made dishcloths. I gave them as Thansgiving “gifts” yesterday, so they can use them during the season. It’s my first year knitting, so they were quite the hit!:yay:

And, I second the Oddball Pet Snuggles suggestion…it’s my first oddball and I got it the other day for my turn.:woohoo: