Warped Needles

Hi all,

I’m just starting out and purchased some bamboo needles #8 in size. I got them home and saw that they are extremely warped. They are Takomi brand. Is this normal? Will it hinder me at all?


Unless it bothers you, it shouldn’t affect your knitting. I know that some of my thinner bamboo needles have bent with my knitting–not a problem.:shrug:

It won’t affect the size of the stitches at all.

Yeah, I’ve got some size 6 needles that have warped due to knitting. Like others said, it shouldn’t affect your stitches, but since they’re new I’d consider taking them back and exchanging them.

you stirred an old memory…

I inherited a lot of my needles from my mom. they are the old aluminum needles and so many of them were bent when I got them that I nearly tossed them all out.

Then, I realized that they were bent from her hands, working the needles. My hands are the same size, and since she taught me (age 9) I probably use the same technique as she does. So, they were like walking in shoes that were perfectly broken in.

I say, enjoy the needles, as they are. There is something very sweet in them, I promise.

My bamboo needles have also warped over time, somewhat. However, if these are brand new, and they came out of the package quite warped, I’d take them back and exchange them. I have several sets of Takomi brand needles and none of them came from the store that way.

I’m glad this was asked! I was about to throw out a set of Boye aluminum needles that my son decided to bend…lol…And thank you, Moni for that sweet story…now, whenever I need to use those particular needles, I’ll think of my son :slight_smile: Now, hopefully he doesn’t find them again and lose them :teehee:

Thanks all! The needles are new. I will try them a bit and see what happens.

Thanks again!

Knitting is pretty much about the diameter of the needles, not the straightness so it really doesn’t matter.

[COLOR="#300090"]… and it wouldn’t matter so long as the yarn does get snagged on a them.

Wood will warp if it gets wet. You could even try steaming them to straighten them… or to adjust the bend to better fit your hands. (see MoniDew’s “memory.”)

I’ve read of some crochet hook makers trying hooks that are more square than round (in cross section) so they are easier to turn (and you don’t need the “thumb tab” flat section). Not much point in turning a needle, but a square or triangular cross section may be easier to hold.

So long as what made them warp didn’t make them rough, then there really isn’t anything wrong with them.