Warning! Massive amounts of whining inside

This week started out so lovely, but has gone so wrong. A knitting friend of mine who is older gave me a HUGE amount of her stash, along with a KNITTING MACHINE! A VERY well cared for knitting machine. Plus a ton of knitting books. Simply amazing stuff and I am so grateful.

Now, add onto that that I have been getting alot done on my cardigan and my TKGA Master Knitter stuff has come in the mail and you have one happy little knitter. Oh, and knitter’s best friend, who is also a knitter is set to come to house to share some of the stash and just hang out. AWESOME!

Alas, it was all foiled by a sick 5 year old, and a mother who had houseguests so ran herself ragged while she should have rested. Now the knitting machine is collecting dust, I can’t seem to comprehend the TKGA instructions, no roving is being spun nor yarn being dyed, the website is not be updated, and my friend is not visiting. If all of this was not bad enough, I am not too sick to knit, but am STUCK on the stupid Vague Knitting pattern.

sigh It felt good to type that out. If you’ve made it this far, see if you can’t help me figure out exactly how I am supposed to decrease this cursed neckline so I can be productive in my misery.

Next Dec row (RS) - Work to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. Rep neck dec row (every alternate 2nd and 4th row) a total of 23 more times.

See, I told you it was confusing. What the heck is every alternate 2nd and 4th row? Stupid pattern.

I think that what it means is this… If you first decreased on, say row 1, you would then decrease two rows later, then 4 rows later, then 2 rows, etc. so on rows 1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, etc. Make sense??

everyone gets to whine once in a while. I’m sorry things haven’t worked out the way you hoped. Good luck with that pattern, I think knitqueen is right about it.

Ooooh, thanks KnitterMa! I think that that may be right, since the sketch drawings show a long neckline, and that would make that happen. I’m going to take residence on my couch and watch Monster’s Inc for the 50th time. :XX:

Sorry it didn’t all work out like you anticipated. Is your son feeling better? I sure hope so :wink:
Now, go knit & have fun with Monsters, Inc…that’s such a good movie (the 1st couple of times, anyway :wink: )
So, what do u think about the TKGA package that you received? You are on the 1st one?

:heart: gentle hugs for you and the 5 yo. Hope the weekend turns around and is much better.

Wow, bummer of a week. Sorry things didn’t work out the way you wanted, I hate it when that happens! I don’t have any advice on the pattern, it looks like that’s been covered by a knitter much more competent than I. Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and sending you cyber-hugs.

(((( :heart: ))))

That’s one of the few movies I can never get sick of… 'cept mebbe when it’s the 10th time that day. “Kitty!!!” {I always start crying at that!}