Warm Woolies Oddball Blankets

Hello There Charity Knitters!:star:

I dont know how much ya’ll know about Warm Woolies… Its a really great project that brings wool, hand-knit clothing to orphans and homeless children and babies around the world (Including really far away places, like Russia and Kazakstan). You can check out more and read the whole story at http://www.warmwoolies.org

The only acrylic item that the accept are baby blankets. I saw that the regular Oddball baby blankets have decided to to take a rest, and I thought that there might be an opening for the great charity knitters of knittinghelp.com to do just a few (I was thinking three? or more, of course:teehee: ) baby blankets for this really fantastic cause.

I’m not sure how much intrest there will be in this idea, but I would absolutely love to help Warm Woolies out in bringing these much-needed blankets to children in need.

Please post here if you’re intrested!cloud9 :heart:


I’ll be happy to help out!
Sounds like a great idea!

Hi There kayrun!

Thanks so much for posting:hug: I’ll pm you right now:) So far its just the two of us, but its a fantastic start!

Here is our first blanket (knit by just me:teehee: ):

Baby Blue Sunshine


Okay, I got excited:teehee: Here is our new blogspot!:D:woohoo:


Its still in progress, but if there is anyone who wants to take a look, all the info is up!


I’ve sent WarmWoolies lots of hats in the past…they’re a very good organization. Please add me to your list of Oddball Baby Blanket knitters.


I am willing to participate in this.

Hi There ya’ll!:muah:

Welcome to the project gmmarton and kelle0302! I’m so glad that ya’ll have decided to join in:hug: I’ll send you both pms:happydance:

I finished our blanket “Cuddle Bug Blue” this morning and will post pictures of it later today:) (it will also be on our blog at http://warmwooliesoddballbabyblankets.blogspot.com/)

Is there anyone who would like to volunteer for starting up our first group blanket or have ideas for cute names?:slight_smile: We’re going to be using doubled-up yarn since it is going somewhere so cold, so if you dont have yarn to use that much of, I can send you some!:knitting:

Hope ya’ll are doing well!


Hi Everyone!

Here is the promised post of Cuddle Bug Blue. Dont you just love the name?:teehee: My mom thought of it.


Hi There Ya’ll!:hug:

Give a big welcome to our newest member, LBECK!:woohoo:

Also, Gmmarton (Gail) has started our first group blanket!:yay: She named it “Flower Garden” and will have it done by Monday. I’ll take a section so that makes two of the five done… Is anyone intrested in taking a section?:cheering:

I’m gonig to start a blanket tomorrow as well, so if anyone wants to sign up for both and jump on the train headfirst you wont get both blankets at once:teehee:

Go team Warm Woolies!:teehee:


I would love to help. Let me know how it works. Kay

Hey Ya’ll!

Say hello to our newest member, Wyospinner:hug:

I’ve sent you a pm:)


Your blankies are just darling!
Love the names as well!
Can you put me on both blanket lists…can’t take either of them right away, but after Aug.1st I can do either or both?
Karen G
in GA

Hi Ther!

Kayrun-I’ll put you on different places on both blankets (if this is okay with you? If not its not set in stone:teehee: I pmed you back:) )- Thank you so very much!:heart: At this rate, we’ll keep lots of babies warm in no time:heart:

Here are the openings left on our two blankets!:smiley: (also on the WWOBB blog;) )


Flower Garden
1.Gmmarton-working on blanket
3. Kayrun
4. Open!!
5. Open!!

Lemon Zinger

  1. Ladylou
  2. Open!!
  3. Open!!
  4. Open!!
  5. Kayrun

And also… I designed a button for those who like to use them:) Please let me know if ya’ll want any changes;)


You can add me to both of these whereever you need me.

I am posting “Flower Garden” to Lexie this afternoon…this is the first of the Warm Woolies blanket.

“Flower Garden” was posted this afternoon to Lexie. Delivery Confirmation #: 0307 1790 0005 4925 7913. Thanks!

Hey Everyone!:heart:

Kellee- Thank you!:heart: I will put you after me on blanket blanket number two and next to last on Flower Garden (if this is okay with you:) ) I was thinking about naming the second blanket Lemon Tart and use dessert-like colors? what do you think? and I loved seeing the button on your signature:teehee:

Gmmarton- Thank you so much!:hug: I’ll be looking foward to seeing and working on it. It is really great to see an idea become reality that will keep babies warm:aww:

Does anyone else want to take a position on the blankets?:slight_smile: We still have a few openings:hug:


Yes, I’d like to be a part of this too! Put me wherever you need me.

I can work on both of these where you’ve placed me…thanks!
Karen G.

Hey Everyone!:hug:

Here is a fresh update from the blog!:woohoo: If any of this is incorrect please let me know… and if you want to sign up for any of them let me know as well! We’re also on Ravelry now (type in warm woolies, and we’ll pop up) if anyone wants to be on there as well:yay:


Flower Garden
2.Ladylou - hunting the mailman
3. Kayrun
4. onb4050
5. Kellee0302

Lemon Zinger

  1. Ladylou-working on blanket
  2. MuvverDawn^
  3. Kellee0302
  4. Open!!
  5. Kayrun

Peachy Dreams

  1. LBECK-working on blanket
  2. Open!!
  3. Open!!
  4. Open!!
  5. Ladylou
    Crochet Cuteness
  6. lmorris^
  7. Open!!
  8. Ladylou
  9. Open!!
  10. Open!!


Ladylou ^


How cool how many members we already have!cloud9 But the more knitters-the warmer the babies!:smiley:


On Flower Garden, since I am the last knitter, do you want me to add the crochet border? I am more than willing to do it.