Warm Up America

I have started knitting blocks for WUA. I bought some super save red heart yarn that I thought I would use to make afghans for my girls. They didn’t like the feel of the yarn-not soft enough(can’t blame them).

Is or has done this before?

Mimi B.

Is is the one they promoted last time on Knitty Gritty? I did that one last year. Sent them a dozen squares. I don’t know what happened to them after that, but I got a nice thank you postcard about 4 months after I sent them in.

I know all Michaels stores (in the US) take the squares too. They have to be 7x9 I think. Canada has another project that’s very similar, but I can’t recall what it’s name is right now.


I WOULD NOT donate your Warm Up America squares through Michael’s!!!

A couple years ago, my friends and I donated squares at our local Michael’s. We discovered later they simply threw all their donations in the trash.

In listening to an older podcast of Cast On, there was a listener on there who found out the squares were sitting in a back room…her and her friend ended up taking them and sewing them together themselves.

I would donate directly!

Thanks for the info.

I knit some squares to take to Michael’s but never dropped them off. I look at the donation basket when I go by there, usually there are several squares in it. But I always wondered if they actually made it to WUA. Next time I’m in there I might just question them about it. :biting:

I just got a random email from someone at our local Michael’s asking for donations.

I like the idea of this charity but I have no idea how she got my email address. I think she may have joined one of our local online groups just to solicit to us. Ugh.

So is the main Warm Up America charity legit?

From the website, it looks like they are encouraging people to form groups to do the seaming work (for afghans) and to donate locally. What do you think?

The main WUA organization is very legitimate. My experience with them has been that they encourage knitters to donate their squares as finished products (i.e., lapghans, blankets or afghans) to local agencies, organizations or people in need. I participate in an after school knitting club, and our first year, we had the students knit rectangles for the purpose of making blankets to support WUA. After we wove our squares together, we were then encouraged to find someone in our area who would enjoy receiving our hand-knit blankets. This past year our blankets went to the local chapter of Project Linus, a very deserving group that donates blankets and quilts to children who have experienced some trauma in their lives.

I have actually dropped rectangles off at our local Michaels, but I wasn’t impressed by what I saw. There didn’t seem to be great organizing power behind weaving and sewing rectangles together for the purpose of creating a blanket.

Again, my experience has been that is always someone on the local level in need. You just have to find the appropriate agency or group that can facilitate that process for you.

Gail M. Marton

Gail - Sounds like a great plan. I just sent a note off to one of our local homeless shelters to see if they are in need of any hand-knit items and if anything specific was best (adults or kids? male or female?). I tend to knit up things without having a recipient in mind so this is would be perfect.

I always knit or crochet and forward the items to an organization in New York. I reside in Louisiana, I tried donating the items in this state but I was turned down so now I happily send them to New Yor where I know the items are appreciated and used. The organization donates them to different places and I’m happy with that. :woot:

Have a great day,

Hi! Does Warm Up America accept squares year-round or only during Jan-Mar?

I love making squares for WUA, it’s a great way to practice my knitting! But I see now that it was a mistake to donate my squares to Michael’s. :sad: From now on I will donate them directly to WUA.

Has WUA ever been contacted about the Michael’s scam? That store has really gone downhill over the years, their yarn selections are anemic. I’m glad there’s an AC Moore closer by me.

As mentioned before, the folks I’ve made contact with from Warm Up America really encouraged my group to work up enough squares that we then wove together into a blanket that was eventually donated to a local agency. I wouldn’t go the route of dropping anything off at the local Michaels craft store. Better to find some deserving individuals in your own community.

Maybe some of us should go to Michaels and offer to seam the squares. :think:

That’s exactly what I was thinking Sandy! We have a new Michaels opening soon in my area, first one ever around here, and I will contact the store manager and see what their policy is on the WUA squares, or if they have a policy on it. I had never heard you could drop them off at a Michaels, so will definite check this out and offer to help seam them for local charities.

I think that was what Warm Up America’s initial intent was… to get knitters involved in helping everyone in America by knitting warm blankets, and it sort of grew into this huge project which became too big for one person or one small group to collect all squares, seam them, and then send them around the country, so they eventually asked people to take it upon themselves to keep WUA going on a local level… and it saves on postage too!

I’m not totally sure about this, but think I read it somewhere (maybe on their website?)… I’m sure there would be something about it somewhere. In any case, all of us have local shelters and other places that could use a nice warm afghan, so don’t let the actions of a few keep you from knitting for those who need it!

Sorry you had a bad experience at Michaels. I just started teaching at one. We have asked for squares, but it takes a long time to put them together. We are in the process of doing that so we can donate all the squares made into afghans. So please don’t think bad of all Michaels stores, It is the people that might have done the wrong thing.

Another way to donate rectangles for Warm Up America is to take them to a Stitches Expo. I’ve volunteered at Stitches West, and this year the booth I volunteered at (Haloes of Hope) was very close to the Warm Up America booth.

There are four Stitches Expos throughout the year in different parts of the U.S.: Atlanta, Chicago, New England (can’t remember which city; sorry), and Santa Clara, CA.

Make the rectangles, gather them from friends, place them in a bag (bags?), and donate them at Stitches. :slight_smile:

WUA [B]does[/B] recommend finding a local agency to work with so that money isn’t spent shipping squares all over the country when there is local need. This was the founder’s own wish; it’s not a scam or anything like that. Sadly, Ms. Evie Cohen Rosen passed away in November 2012; there’s a write-up of her wonderful work in [I]Knitter’s Magazine[/I], #110, still on the magazine racks at JoAnn’s and Barnes & Noble as of two days ago.