Wardrobe Advice Needed

I have a whole list of sweaters I want to knit for myself, but I am in the middle of what will be a lengthy weight loss. I have lost about 70 lbs. so far :happydance: , and I have probably another year to go. I teach, and I prefer to wear sweaters or a cardigan over a lightweight blouse. This year I have managed by using the “good” older sweaters that I had kept that were too small. They are now getting big on me. I have tried cheapies from Walmart or other places, and they are unsatisfactory after the first few wearings. I did knit one of the Yarn Harlot’s ponchos, and it has worked nicely over cotton turtlenecks, but I need suggestions that I can begin knitting for the next school year that will be “adjustable.” I am planning to do a Wool Peddler’s shawl, but what else?

i don’t really have any fashion advice… but, just wanted to say congratulations on the weight loss! :cheering:

Would one of the wrap style sweaters work?
Like this http://www.knitty.com/issuewinter05/PATTstarsky.html
or this http://www.knitty.com/issuefall06/PATTivy.html? Also Interweave Winter 2005 has a nice sweater on the cover I’ve been considering. Of course there are MANY more options out there, this is just a start.

They wouldn’t fit forever, but maybe they would help you through a few sizes.

Congratulations on your weight loss!

How about a wrap type sweater? Like a ballet wrap that you can sort of adjust to your decreasing figure. It would sort of flatter your curves and you could tie it as loosely or as fitted as you feel comfortable to do. I kind of like the empire wasted idea where you can let it flair a little (my weight gathers around my middle and I don’t like to tuck things in) while still wearing a more fitted shirt underneath.

I’m not really the person you want any advice from when it comes to clothing but I too wanted to congratulate you on the weight loss! That’s a wonderful accomplishment!!! :notworthy:

I was gonna suggest wrap-style clothing too :slight_smile:

hey if you lose weight and the sweater is too big just wash it and throw it into the dryer. Problem solved. :figureditout:

congrats on your weight loss
I think wrops are nice I don’t know functional
they are to wear to while teaching
Are you looking to make your own or to buy
one. I find a lot of things at Ross dress for less
or Mervyns. I just wait for the sales.

another good ideah is to donate your older clothes

        good luck!

Congratulations! :cheering:

I too lost over 70 lbs over 3 years.

One thing that I found is that clothes and sweaters cut on the bias tended to fit flattering through more sizes than normal cut clothes.

I sew too, so those are the ones where the weave of the cloth goes diagonal versus the normal horizontal / vertical way.

I can’t put my hands on a knitting pattern quickly that is more of a diagonal knit, but perhaps someone else can.

Other wise, I was going to suggest a bit of a chunky rib pattern. Say a 5/2 pattern. It will be a little snug in a larger size, but once you get past a certain point, the rib will constrict and you will only see the 5 sections.

I always found the tunic style clothing flattered really nicely through the size changes. You could potentially pull in the sides of a tunic style top a wee bit with out too much bulk in your seams and make it fit you well over time as well.

Congratulations! It is hard work, but so worth it!


Now that your good sweaters are getting too big, you might want to think about recycling them for yarn. :teehee: