Wanting to make dishcloths for Christmas presents but have questions

Since I have never made dishcloths but have been reading the raves about them here I have decided to make some of these as presents. My questions are what size do they generally come to be? Do you make several in different patterns or all one pattern to give as gifts?(I am thinking of going monochromatic with them). But I think the most important is what are your favorite yarns to use for these? I want them to functional and yummy since I will be gifting them.

www.knittingpatterncentral.com and www.jimsyldesign.com (aka the Dishcloth Boutique) have tons of patterns. I think the general concensus is to use cotton yarn (i.e. Sugar&Creme / Peaches&Creme found at Walmart & Michaels) because of it’s absorbency and it dries out nicely. I have done them as gifts and sort of like to do a variety. Even if that variety is the same per person. For example, do one with a motif like a star or tree, one that has an all over pattern and maybe one that has a unique shape like a circle that looks complicated but really is easy. Do that set for several people each in a different color. I find that the ones with a motif in the middle are best done in solids and variegated yarns are good for most patterns, unless very detailed and te pattern would be lost in the color changes.
Most of the cloth patterns run around the 8 inch square mark I would say. Cotton stretches especially when wet. I would adapt one to be a bit larger for a hand towel, or even crochet two together for a nice hot pad (don’t use acrylic for that, it’ll melt…and maybe just use it for stuff that’s not lava hot either)

I try and find patterns that fit that person interests. For my MIL I made a washcloth of a camper (they camp a lot), the states of CA and NJ (we have lived in both) and a coffee cup (they are dutch and drink a lot of coffee!). I used 2 different colors of cotton yarn for them. I just made 4 washcloths for my daughter, a M & M (her horse is named M & M), a paw print (she has a cat and a dog), the Eiffel Tower (she went with us to Paris) and the basketweave (well, its one of my favorites!) all out of blue cotton. I also made the apple washcloths out of poppyseed Lion Brand cotton for my younger daughters teachers.

Have fun with them!

I have a couple LB Microspun dishcloths I love, too. The cotton is slightly more absorbent, but it stains bad. Either way, dishcloths are a nice gifty. :wink:


I made washclothes for all the ladies/girls in my family last year. I choose patterns based on what they liked. I did make several to practice patterns and include them if I thought they were nice enough to give. It wasn’t until this year I discovered a lot more sites that have free patterns and ones that you can buy for a few dollars. I packaged them up with a couple of gift soaps and lotions…at Christmas time you can find lots of gift size soaps and lotions. I used Lion Cotton and TLC cotton. I prefer the TLC, it’s a bit thinner, but it’s a bit softer. I most of it from JoAnn’s when they had it on sale and had free shipping. Hope that helps!

The Knit A Long website is here. There are a lot of links included in the link section.

And here is a sitee called Knitted Kitty Creations, she has free ons and one for sale.

Hope that helps!

just about any cotton yarn is great- sugar n cream; peaches n cream; lion cotton; KP has nice cottons… classic elite has a lovely mercerized cotton (I make hand towels with it- very soft). If you want to make hot pads you can either sew 2 together; or knit with two strands held together. I like to make coordinating ones- for example, one has a blue middle with a white edge, the one has a white middle with a blue edge. then tie them up with a pretty ribbon and its a lovely gift!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]GD and I have been making dishcloths out of Lion Cotton and Sugar’n Cream.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#006400]Her other GM likes Hummingbirds so we both made one with a hummingbird on them ( used different pattern)… Made DH one with Harley emblem and Longhorns… He likes useing them… [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]