Wanting new wheel

I was at a fiber fest a couple weeks back and finally got to try my hand at various new wheels.

I’ve been spinning on wheels since 2002 and am very happy with the wheels I have but I have never had a selection of wheels to spin on to compare.

Susan McFarland (susansfibershop.com) had a wide variety of wheels available to test.
I was interested in Merlin Tree’s HitchHiker (http://www.themerlintree.com/the_merlin_tree009.htm) since I will be traveling more for work. It had a different treadling because of the friction drive. But I think it will work well.

I tried a couple Louet models since I’ve heard such rave reviews from them, but I wasn’t happy with the action of them. They seemed harder to treadle than my Ashford Traveler. bummer.

Majacraft Little Gem II was a nice wheel. Had great action and spun wonderfully, but the price tag (over $700) Ouch!

The Schact Matchless spun really nice in scotch tension, much easier than my Traveler, but I didn’t like the way it spun with a double drive.
Then I sat downn at the Kromski Sonata, all I can say is WOW! I mean :woohoo: ! It treadled so easily and the fiber seemed to spin itself (I used roving I brought myself to spin on all the wheels).

Now I want one. Price tag is over $500, but I’m thinking if I sell my 70’s era Ashford Traditional and my late 1700’s Irish style saxony, I may have enough to buy it.

well congrats on finding your dream wheel!

i 'd like to try out a bunch of different ones but it’s too early for me to fall in love with another wheel… heh

you may want to give ebay a try… i saw a Kromski, not sure which model… going for around 220… and i just gave it quick glance but it seemed to be complete.

good luck with everything!

look around on line to see if you can get the wheel you want used. That is how I got my 70’s model ashford traditional.

All I can say is that I love, LOVE, love my Kromski (Minstrel.) I am a beginner and amaze even myself with the quality of yarn I am making. I had a chance to work on an Ashford Traveller recently and was so elated that I had made the choice to buy a Kromski; what a difference! The wheel comes directly from Poland, packed in Polish news papers and signed by the maker! It is a piece of art in my living room.

This is a pic of the first yarn I spun.

I’ve spun on a Traveller since 2002 and really, really love it. I didn’t think I’d ever lust after another wheel, but that Sonata - yum!

Callmesusan - that is some gorgeous first yarn!

A Sonata came up on ebay and a friend (who has my traditional) emailed me about it. I could have waited for the auction to end (2 days and 10 hours) but I knew someone would snipe it in the last few seconds, so … I opted on the buy it now for $500 (free shipping and a 72" niddy noddy)

She’ll be here Thursday or Friday!!!

i saw that wheel last night and was gonna tell you about it today… heh… glad to see you got one!

Sellers pics:

yay!! :woot: Let us know how you like it.

Woohoo!!! I am excited for you! (This from the one who sniped her Scholar, heh, heh). Can’t wait to hear all about it and see your beautiful newly spun yarn.

Holy moly! That is beautiful! Mine barely resembled yarn let alone was beautiful like yours!

Here she is!

And my first spinning on it:

I just finished plying it up last night but haven’t gotten pictures of it yet. The roving came with the wheel - it came from http://www.cjkopeccreations.etsy.com/ Wonderful hand dyed rovings!

Oh My! Beautiful!!!

It’s beautiful! How does she spin?

She spins like butta! Such an easy treadle. With my Ashford Traveller, I never really ‘got’ spinning with scotch tension (thankfully, it is also a DD!). The scotch tension on the Sonata is a breeze!

I ordered a Jumbo kit for it, but will be sending it back … they sent a clear finish and I have a walnut wheel. I don’t think I would really care for having to change out the front maiden to switch between the regular bobbin and jumbo bobbin. With the Traveller, I put the jumbo front maiden on and only have to insert/remove a grommet to switch between the regular and jumbo. Guess I’ll be doing my plying on the Traveller

OH! I did order a WooLee Winder for the Sonata!!

gorgeous finish this wheel has! and i like how the yarn on the bobbins matches the wheel and stove… heh

I ordered a WooLee Winder for it last week and it came last night!!

Dear old Abigal (the stove). She’s a working 1930-32 Montgomery Ward woodburning cookstove. I use her a LOT in the winter for cooking. Really saves on the utilities (both heating and cooking)

I thought about getting a Wooly Winder for my Minstrel. Please tell me how you like it!

It really speeds up your spinning not having to stop to change hecks. I’m having a little bit difficulty getting use to it. It’s operator error though. Just getting use to a new piece of equipment.

I was able to spin about 100 yards on each of 2 bobbins, then turn around and ply them in less than an hour. And that’s with starts and stops and fiddling.

I have a Woolee Winder and I really like it. Not only to you not have to stop to adjust where your thread is, its also very efficient space wise. I can fit a lot more on a bobbin.