Wanted to buy Jamie baby yarn

I purchased some yarn from a yard sale that had a partially crochet baby afghan. I need more yarn to complete it but Jamie baby yarn is discontinued. I need 2 skeins of 3 ply white Jamie baby yarn. I also need 2 skeins of white with pastel green, blue, pink, and lavender flecks in it. It is also a Jamie baby yarn but I don’t have the name or number of it. Thanks, Jpitkin

Here is a seller on ebay that sells it. They’re even having a sale right now: Ebay Seller

Thank you very much. Now all I need is the white with colored flecks of pastel pink, green, lavender,and blue. Does anyone know the name of this Jamie baby yarn since it would help in my search.

Hello, new to the forum but believe the name of the yarn you are hunting is called Candy Print. Are you wanting the yarn that is strictly yarn or the one called pompadour?

It has pastels of blue, green, pink, yellow, lavendar in it.

There is another one called Peppermint Print, which is a brighter set of colors. Still pastel. Main colors in it are blue, pink, green.

Hope this helps you out.

If you wish to contact me, please do so.

ARe you still interested in buying this yarn?

HI!! Did you ever get your yarn to finish your blanket? I have an amazing stash of it and could hekp you out. Email grammascloset@twecwb.com or check me out at grammasclosetupnorth.com. I should be getting some yarn up soon, but send me an email and i can help–I have all kinds of variegated colors and white.

If you are still looking for this yarn, I have almost 3 full skeins of the white. I have just a bit of the variegated that you are looking for.