[SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Arial”]Hello everyone![/FONT]

[FONT=“Arial”]I purchased this wonderful Italian ribbon yarn last year and am looking for more or at least one [U]similar[/U] to this.

I’m open to colors but definitely need a thin (approximately 1/8" or perhaps 1/4") with a sheen.

The one I bought (photographed below) is made in Italy and for the life of me I can’t figure out the brand. :?? Don’t know if it’s No. 32 or Italana or Mario Niccoli.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone knew where I could locate this or a similar ribbon yarn.

I thank you in advance for any and all help.

All the best,

Deborah[/FONT][/SIZE] :heart:

hm, never heard of it but can I suggest Berroco Zen? It’s very smooth to work with, not scratchy.

The Berroco ZEN is not a solid color and doesn’t seem to have the shine I need. But thank you so much for the suggestion. Truly appreciated.


closest i can find


im not sure theyre still making it. i checked EVERYWHERE.

Berroco “BoHo” may work for you


[COLOR=“Blue”]Thanks to everyone who responded. I believe I’ve found a pretty close substitute for this Italian ribbon yarn. I purchased some Katia Sevilla and it’s pretty darn close! Yippie!

Hugs to all![/COLOR]

you’re welcome

BTW - Italana is the brand so you can keep an eye out for it :wink: