Wanted pattern for zipped front cardigan/jacket

Hello…I was wondering if anyone had a free pattern for a simple zipped front cardigan/jacket with a collar. I’d like it to be knit in chunky or thick yarn. Thanks so much in advance for sharing.!

You can start looking here.

I really like Mariah from knitty.com…let me find it for u. I also don’t know if you’re male or female, but I’ll give you the link anyway :wink:


It’s not exactly chunky tho.

Totally agree with Ingrid though. Knittingpatterncentral.com is great. They even have a search bar!

Julie (who posts around here) has a very nice zip cardigan in bulky weight in her blog…


FO#36, for some reason the picture doesn’t show in the blog, (at least not for me) but if you click in the area where the picture should be, it will come up.

That’s me! :smiley:

Unfortunately I made that up and didn’t write down what I was doing while I was doing it. I started with a mystery yarn of unknown origin, so I figured it would take too much work to figure out how much yarn the pattern would call for. :roflhard:

I do heartily recommend a book called “The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits.” All of the patterns are with chunky yarn and very simple…you might want to check your library to see if they have it!

(BTW, the zipper was the skeeeriest part. The sweater sat, knitting finished, for several weeks before I got up the courage to sew it in. :rollseyes: )

Thanks humblestumble…nice but I don’t wear hoods…if Icould only be creative enough and talented enough to be able to change the pattern for the hood into a pattern for a collar.

Gardenmommy…thanks for the links but the second one says error.

Julie…thanks for the info but have already tried the library…nada
Next time copy patternnnnn you could make some bucks on ebay…know a few who do that kind of thing…you could always go back to the finished product and count the stitches out etc.


The Eris V neck looks nice. I am starting that soon.

Have you seen the ribby cardigan? It’s at chicknits.com

Yes, the Ribby Cardi is wonderful… I purchased the pattern, but haven’t made it yet…
direct link
the knitalong

Whatcha waitin fer? Oh yeah, your otherwise engaged with moi!

wow…that chick site is great…never visited that one before…lots of nice patterns there…thanks

No problem. :slight_smile:

wasnt that pattern free a while back? … I could just be out of the loop, but I do remember that pattern very clearly… i just thought it was free a loooong time ago. If not, still cool… I want it :slight_smile:

Nope they’re asking 6 bucks for it now…inflation I guess…lol