Wanted: Long Cardigan Pattern

Any one know of a long cardigan pattern (like ankle length) that might have some interest to it. Like a wide collar or cables? Are they that out of fashion and I should just step away from the thought of even doing one?

Well, I don’t see them anymore so I’d guess they are out of style, but I’m no fashion guru. :lol:

I don’t see any that length and can’t imagine wearing one, but you could take a long cardigan/coat and make it as long as you want. Keep in mind that knitting stretches so watch so you don’t end up with a train.

This is the longest I found -

This is my favourite ankle length coat pattern:

It’s on my to do one day list hehe :slight_smile: If you don’t like the exact
pattern it might give you some ideas of how to come up with
your own!

Libbie :slight_smile:

If you like and want a coat in this style, by all means, make one. You might even become a fashion icon in your own community. As for me, I make and wear what I like.
I have two books at this link.
The Pingouin has two or three long coats. Since there has been no interest in the books, I was going to throw them out. If you want them you may have one or both of them. I just ask that you pay the mailing cost. I can mail them USPS media, probably for around $5.00.

Thanks guys!! Lightning, I will take you up on your offer…

Since I haven’t been knitting that long I am not sure how to make a short cardigan a long one. I don’t know how to do the increases you would need for the hip area. :???:

Don’t know how I missed the one at GarnStudio…I looked all over that site the other day.

thanks a bunch!!!