Wanted: Help finding vintage dog sweater pattern

Does anyone recognize this pattern and/or know where I can buy it for a reasonable price?

I would appreciate any help/info anyone can give.

Thanks! :knitting:

[B][U]11/29/08 Update[/U]:[/B] Just wanted to say that I did bid & win that vintage pattern on eBay that I was hoping/trying to find elsewhere for less $$. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience to wait any longer to try to find/get it any place else. :teehee:

Have you looked around the web for free patterns? You might find a similar one. There are a bunch of sites that list free vintage patterns.

Here are pet sites, I haven’t looked at each pattern, but you may find something else:

Thank you for the links but I haven’t been able to find that particular pattern anywhere else as of yet - I’m still looking though.

Archives of Woman’s Day mag. 1966 had a number of Winter sportswear for the pet set ranging from polo coats, poor dog turtle necks and Fair Isle pull overs to Chesterfield coats. About half are knitted, others sewn. You might like one of these patterns. If you can’t find them send me a PM with your address and I’ll mail you the ones I have. I don’t have the equipment to scan and upload stuff so I’ll have to copy them and send via snail mail. Not so bad really. Never sent a homemade chocolate chip cooky to college kids via email.
One caveat. The hoodie is cute but not a great idea for a dog with floppy ears other than a quick outing or for a costume. Prick ears stay clean, floppies tend to get infected. They need all the fresh air they can get. I’ve trained dogs and their loving owners for nearly 40 yrs. and I wouldn’t tell you what isn’t best for your dog. I’d suggest the poor dog turtle neck if you have a chilly dog. Do you have a hairless breed? Been to Mi. with dogs. Gets just as bad in IL. Winter can be brutal, but mainly on their feet. Good luck on your search.

Thank you, Jean! :hug: I sent you a pm.

I have 2 Chihuahuas, Luna & Rey, that I make (& sometimes buy) clothes for. Rey is my male Chi and, unlike Luna, our female Chi, he loves to be dressed up and wear clothes no matter what the weather is like. :teehee: Luna probably should have been named “Gypsy Rose Lee” after the stripper because that’s what she usually does any time I dress her up. :lol:

Thank you again for the offer! :slight_smile:

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since they are “little” pooches, why not a “bunting”…I have a pattern (might sound morbid) but our charity group knits “burial buntings”…and they are hooded. The pattern is very small and tied with ribbon…but you can probably “think up” some changes to it??? Or Knit It mag (2006 issue, which I have) has an adorable “argyle” doggie sweater at intermediate level…would be glad to help you just pm

Cheryl, The houndstooth checks are in the mail. Enjoy experimenting, adapting, and sizing. I’m just agonizing and hallucinating over my project which is becoming a soap opera serial. Isn’t it great that so many people on this forum are willing to help? That’s one of the things I’m thankful for- plus, interestingly, I am thankful for things I don’t have. Could write a book.

Thank you for the idea/suggestion, Cheley. :slight_smile: I will have to be looking at some of those patterns to see what I can think of doing to adapt them. Luna isn’t quite so little though - I haven’t weighed her lately but I’m guessing she’s around 12-15 pounds. Rey’s the smallest of our 4 dogs and he probably weighs between 5-6 lbs.

I may already have that magazine and will try to remember to be on the lookout for it in my pattern/magazine stash as I try to get some cleaning as well as organizing done at my house.

Thanks again! :hug:

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