Wanted: easy crochet water-bottle holder

Does anyone have an easy crochet pattern for a water-bottle holder, the kind you can hang over your shoulder?



I found this.

I like it, but I am an absolute beginner in crochet - the pattern I need has to be EASY! :lol:

I also just found this…

Would you like to try a knitted one, or does it need to be crocheted?

This one looks good! But, I’m intrigued by a knitted one… do you have one in mind?


I found this. Just leave out the fair isle.

How big is this waterbottle though? I could probably come up with something for you, but it might take a few days.

Oooo I love fair isle! That one is cute!

Oh I like that a lot! I have never done fair isle though… actually, that looks like about the right sized project to begin on!

The bottle is 9.5 " tall x 9.25" around at widest point.

Thanks Jenelle!!!

Are you going to use that pattern or would you like me to try and make one up?

Fair Isle is actually pretty easy. It just looks hard and people are very impressed! :roflhard: Here’s two sites where I learned.
Fair Isle video
Sampler Purse

Ingrid holds both yarns in one hand, I use both so either way works.

Thanks Jan! Did you see in the latest KP catalog the seasonal Fair isle Booklet that has a SO cute vest with snowmen on it - and the yarn cost is only $12.53! I don’t see how its that cheap… It looks extemely hard to me too. I think those little purses would be a better beginning for me, OR the water bottle cover :slight_smile:

That is cute! Too bad I’m not a vest person. :wink: It’s inexpensive because it’s made with KP yarn. It really doesn’t look too hard though.

Jenelle I missed that post of yours until just now. Well, i think I will try that pattern! Maybe not for a month or so, I have to get caught up. But I appreciate you finding it, thanks! And, its very cool of you to offer to make one up :notworthy:

I guess not necessary though…