Wanted: American girl doll patterns (18in)

I was looking for a [COLOR=“Indigo”]poncho[/COLOR] I could knit for my [COLOR=“Red”]daughter’s American Girl doll[/COLOR]. She just got it from a neighbor and I want to increase her wardrobe with out going into [COLOR=“Navy”]debt[/COLOR]!!! If anyone has or know’s where to find some free patterns I would love it!! I free-handed a hat on my own, but am not real sure about how to do the rest.



They have one, in their free pattern section. I saved it on my pc - I don’t have the actual pattern link. It uses the Classic Merino Wool by the directions- so you should be able to locate it in a search of patterns.

Good Luck :smiley:

My girls had American Girl Dolls when they were younger, now both are with my older daughter. She has put them away for when her own daughter is old enough to play with them.

But when Bethlyn and Sara got their dolls… there were only 4: Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha and Molly.

Here’s a link to Knitting Pattern Centrals doll section. It looks like the have lots that are specific for American Girl.