Want to make striped blanket..will this thread/needle size work

Hi I am very new to knitting and I am so overwhelmed by so many awesome things I see online. I want to do it all! I have finished a scarf and a blanket. The blanket I just did was on size 19 straight needles 14 inches long and I doubled stranded some acrylic yarn and it came out nice. Now I want to start another blanket and I am not sure what to do, I have two different kinds of yarn because I wanted a chocolate brown and turquoise striped blanket. The brown is Patons Merino Wool and the turquoise is Lions Brand Jiffy which is more thicker than the brown. I want to do thick stripes of both. I haven’t found a pattern using two different kinds like this so I am going to try to just do it myself. My question is, If I use size 15 circular needles to do this blanket, I think I should double strand the brown but should I with the green or should I only do one strand since it’s thicker, or should I forget using the thicker with the brown and go buy a different color in the Patons so they are the same? and I was thinking of doing one row garter then the next row purl the whole way. Please let me know your thoughts. I am so excited about knitting.

One thing to keep in mind is the Paton’s is wool and not machine washable. I’ve used Jiffy on 13s, I think 15s might be too big for it. You can do a sample with them and see how they work out. And I think you mean one row of knit st and one row of purl. Garter is what you [B]get[/B] when you knit every row or when you purl every row. When you knit a row and purl a row that makes stockinette and for a scarf or blanket the edges and the ends will curl under. You could do about 4 rows of garter stitch, then start stockinette but keep about 3 stitches on each end in garter st. So knit 4 rows, knit 1 row, next row k3, purl across to the last 3 and knit.

Thanks for explaining it to me, That makes more sense to me now. I might just do the Patons with another color then. Do you think I should double strand Patons on a size 13 circular needle? I guess I am just trying to figure out what sizes of needles to buy for the projects that I want to do first.

No for the double stranded paton’s you can use 15s. I was just pointing out that a single strand of Jiffy might be too loose on that size.

I tried again to knit a blanket on the circular needles and ended up taking it all off and I plan to do another blanket on straight needles. I end up getting really tight stitches coming up the bottom of the needle and getting stuck, I had that happen with my last circular needle attempt. I really rather do it on straight needles even though my wrists hurt when the blanket go big on the size 19 needles, I also notice that on circulars using one strand I get a circular trim on the outside cast on stitches, I don’t like that, I like flat straight across. do you think I will be able to do everything on straight needles because honestly I do not like circular at all and hope I never have to use them again. So my plan is to double strand Patons Merino Wool on the 15 that are 14 inches long, I see some smaller blankets online using straight 15 needles so I have hope.

The reason you’re getting the tight stitches with the circs is proabably because you knit tightly in general. The yarn is stretched over the solid part and relaxex when it gets to the cord. When the get to the needle again, they’re too tight. What do you mean about a circular trim from the cast on? It should look the same if you use the same CO, whether you use straight or circs.