Want To Live In A Shipping Container?

Man, these houses are AWESOME! I can’t believe these shipping container houses are even nicer than my regular old house…LOL!!


That is awesome!!!

I’m trying to build my greenhouse out of re-used materials. Have yet to come up with a plan tho :verysad:

I can’t believe that is being put off as “green” news.

It reminds me of a documentary-type show I saw about living in Japan, but those shipping containers are much bigger. I could definitely use a couple of those!

I saw that- pretty neat! Way to think outside of the box (hardy har har)

Cool! My step-sister’s boyfriend makes those containers into offices for all the off-shore drilling guys in Stavanger, Norway.

I think it is a great idea!..Ppl live in trailers…and really…isn’t a trailer just a spiffy shipping container?

good point! and really, there is some great design work here, including some cleaver use of inexpensive materials.

I’d love to tear down my garage and have one of those in place of it to give me a little “work area” for my writing! Someplace away from hubby and the kids to eliminate distraction…hahaha…Oh, and it would have to include a lock, and, no telephone…lol

Trailers are designed with living in mind, i.e., they’re insulated and built to be that way. Most are not steel, rather aluminum which doesn’t transfer temperature as good as steel.
Shipping containers are built for strength. The ribbing for strength has space wasted to the outside that if built for living would be used for insulation. Metal buildings are cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

From a standpoint of needing a lot of sturdy roofs fast I could see where these would fill a need.
From a standpoint of recycling I think the steel could be put to better use.
From a standpoint of “green”, mining metals vs growing trees and energy waste are my big questions.

True…but not all trailers are made for living…smiles

Some are just work spaces that move…with not a lot of home comfort…smiles

But yes…it is true…trailers were meant to be habbitable…

Shipping containers make a great base structure though…

Container homes are really nice and I live in one myself. The thing is living in one may seem great now, but few years down the line, you may find that the novelty wears off. So before you put the money down into building one, you really need to be 100% sure you’re gonna be pleased with your potential living situation.

Sure, a container home is a smart, eco-friendly alternative to living in a traditional home, after a while however, you may find yourself hankering for the comforts of the latter. If you’re 100% set on it, then awesome. Don’t forget to take into account your space requirements before commencing with construction.

If you have a large family, or you’re simply interested in having a lot of individual rooms, you’ll likely need multiple shipping containers, which means a ton more work and customization compared to a house made out of a single cargo container. They are many other considerations of course.

As for me personally, I tremendously enjoy living in a container home. In general, container homes are inexpensive, efficient, and their environmentally friendly structures make for a truly unique place of residence.

Still, like very much all major projects, it’s absolutely vital to anticipate every single snag that could get in your way. So be sure to plan ahead to ensure that your shipping container home project gets done right.

The reference materials presented here will help you plan ahead, figure out the snags, and get pretty much everything in your potential project done properly.