Want to find this online and cant

Does anyone know what this stitch is? I’m trying to find the pattern online and I can’t. I’ve looked under “mosaic” and “honeycomb” and “slip stitch mosaic/honeycomb” and I can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated.

try this

Thanks! One more question…I’m not good at math, but this is for a 8+6 stitchs. How can I make it for a different stitch amount?

that pattern is good for any multiple of 8 plus 6 (so 14, 22, 30, etc).

Oh I know, but I want to do it on a multiple of 10 not 8+6 and I don’t know how to do it.

[B]That’s a pretty stistch, but I don’t know what it’s called. :frowning: Sorry.


Where it has 8 and 6 I would try 6 and 4 and see how it looks. That is your 10 of course. You’ll simply get a smaller pattern over the same space and thinner dark lines in between (as compared to the pattern you’re seeing here in the link). However it’s proportionate so it should look fine.