Want to buy Berroco yarn online...best place?

I want a good selection and fast shipping.


I just received an order today from Yarnmarket.com it was a pretty quick turn-a-round. They have Berroco advertised.

Hi! That’s funny, I just received an email today from a new yarn store near me, Yarntopia. They are having a one day Super Bowl Sunday sale… and they advertised they will have Berrocco Comfort, a bag of 10 for $50. I don’t know how good that offer is, but when I go to their website, I don’t see Berrocco. Is it under a manufacturer’s name maybe that I don’t know?


Oh geez, I just looked at Yarnmarket’s price and it’s only $2.85.


That doesn’t make sense then, $50 for a bag of 10!

ill check them out…
http://knitpicks.com <— try this

Go to the source. http://www.berroco.com/

Knitpicks doesn’t carry Berroco, only their own, and I don’t think you can buy it off the Berroco website. Check out yarnmarket’s shipping cost before you order; that might bring the price per skein closer to the $5 mark.

Your’e correct. :doh: What was I thinking. You can use the site to find a LYS that carries it. Click the yarn shop tab at the top of the page and go from there. I saw some shops in Wyoming and hope that one of them is near you.

Probaby not, and I’m not the one looking for it, boo1 is. I wish there was a store that carried Bernat or paton’s yarn; Hobby Lobby has some of the fuzz and glitz stuff, but none of the good stuff.

Try here. Michaels is a big chain like Joanns and I find their customer care to be laking, but I have also found some nice Patons there.


[B]NM - I guess you can’t actually buy online from them. how weird!!![/B]

I failed to mention we don’t have either Michael’s or Joann’s in the entire state. I bought some Bernat cashmere from joann.com that should be here Monday, and when I’ve gone out of state I hunt up one or the other for what I can’t get here.